Saturday, March 10, 2012

Where, where, where in the world....

Hi Whore readers! Oh, wow, my first Word Whores post, and the subject of the week is where in the world we’d like to live. I think that is very serendipitous.

If I could live anywhere...a recent realization
A couple years ago my husband got this bee in his bonnet to move out of Minneapolis. We’d both lived here all of our lives, aside from myself doing a stint in Wisconsin and childhood elsewhere in the Midwest. 

So, we actually had the consideration of where to live, and we are both self-employed, so a move was not easy, but doable. Anyway, we decided we wanted to be by the ocean! And in a bigger city! I was into the idea, and the time seemed right, since some of our friends had recently moved away from Minneapolis. Anyway, we narrowed it down to New York, Seattle, Oakland or LA. And then the economy started going south, and we put the move on hold, and recently, even bought a condo in Minneapolis. So, really, it’s more than on hold.

But recently I realized something: it sort of doesn’t matter where I live because I NEVER GO OUT OF MY HOME!! lol. Except to go running and grocery shopping, or have a client meeting. The occasional social thing. So, who cares where I live? This lifestyle, hell, I might as well live in a hut in the badlands. 

So, I would still love to live in any of our select four cities, and maybe some day will, but in a way, a wonderful and glorious location is completely wasted on the likes of me. 

Tiny homes
I love tiny homes. Here is a picture of my dream tiny home:

Isn't it lovely? I would totally live with my husband and our two cats in this space. (pics from

The great thing about tiny home is that you never lose things. Or, if you do lose something, say, your favorite pen, you don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for it, since there aren’t really many places it could be.

Also, you don’t have to run all over kingdom come to get stuff. Have you ever been in a large home and, you settle into watch a movie with a nice big pizza, and you realize you need napkins? And then you go run upstairs or downstairs or across however many rooms to get your napkins and you go back, and suddenly, gak! You don’t have peppers. Oh, and then it’s a beverage. Not a problem in my tiny dream home.

Though, one of the definite challenges of a tiny home is keeping it clean. This is a very clean-looking home. That would be a skill I would eagerly develop in the tiny dream home. Maybe. 

Also, do you see how easily my home could be hauled around? You could haul it around the country and I wouldn’t know the difference, because I’d just be at my desk. Just, please, set us down near a grocery store so that we don’t starve. Thanks!

Casa Word Whores
A group blog is kind of like a home. Mushy alert! But, I have to say, I was so flattered that the Word Whores invited me to blog with them! What a fun and eclectic group of writers, with their awesome books and quirky weekly subjects. This is a kind of home, one which I’m very happy with. Hi everybody! I'm so pleased to be here. 


  1. Well, if you ever do move to Oakland, that home would fit right in. Land values are so high, that you can't really afford anything more than a tiny home anyway LOL. A 1,500 sq. ft house is considered quite spacious in the inner Bay.

  2. I love those tiny homes! Very cute. But maybe too small for me. I like the feeling of space around me. Not a lot of space, just enough.

    Also - you're right - the Word Whore gals and guy are an awesome bunch.

  3. I want a tiny home, too! They're SOOOOO cute!! :)

    Welcome to the WW, CC! ;)

  4. Jen: Really! LOL Well, I'l be ready. That thing has to be 300 sf.

    Kerry: Yes, not for the space-lover.

    rissatoo: Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Just think, in a house that size you only really have to clean one room. I would like to think I can keep one room clean. Ok, maybe not. Just the piles of books alone would make the place look cluttered.

  6. Shannon: Yes, it would be a good place to have a large ebook collection.

  7. I wouldn't want to have such a tiny house. I love my print books too much to get rid of them. It would be fun to have such a tiny house as a vacation spot.

  8. Welcome, Carolyn! I live in a tiny home. A 300sf sailing catamaran. The thing about clean? Forget it. :D To keep a small space like this clean, you have to clean every day. In that tiny a space, debris accummulates faster. And losing things? Weeeellll. Don't swear off profanity just yet. But at least in a *house* you wouldn't have to look in the bilges. On the other hand, we hear every raindrop that falls overhead. It's cozy in the best sense of the word. It's also nice to feel reasonably self-contained. Itty-bitty spaces aren't for everyone, but we do love ours. When I'm not vacuuming it.

  9. Marcella-"Wouldnt have to look in the bilges" cracked me up. :) not fun to do im sure, but a great point.

  10. I love that tiny home. Might be a tad too tiny for me, I already lived in something close to that by myself and tripped over stuff constantly, but it is super cute. It would definitely fit in here in Seattle.

  11. Remember that childhood song "Teeny Weeny House-y?" Yep, stuck in my head now due to your adorable little index card, erm, I mean house. :P

  12. Ah, yes, well chosen... though I have to warn, from experience: things can still be lost in tiny spaces, unfortunately. :)

  13. Sullivan: Yes, a good vacay home indeed.

    Marcella: Wow! I am so very amazed by this! Now to look up bilges....

    Paris: Yeah, that would be the problem. clutter!

    KAK: RIght now, color me glad I don't know that song!

    Hektor: LOL. Thanks for shattering my dreams!!!

  14. Linda: oh, how did I skip your comment? And, I have just looked it up - it's a place below where the water drains into. Not a good place to lose things.

  15. It's nice to see you here at the Word Whores, Carolyn. I haven't been a good stalk.. errr... follower on your other blogs lately, but most days I stop by here. (Even if I don't always comment.)

    Cute tiny house. But where would I put all the books? No matter where we end up after here, I need space for books. And for an office where I could hide. =o)

  16. Hi B.E.!! LOL So lovely to see you here! Well, maybe we'll set you up with two tiny houses - one just for books and office.

  17. I'm late to the party, due to the big Las Vegas party. Carolyn - I think your tiny house would work great on my Caribbean beach. We could totally make this work.

  18. Hey from Oz, Carolyn! After I win lotto, I just need my own personal chauffeur, load my tiny home up with books, get on the road and then work diligently towards... :-)
    New York, of course! Seattle or Oakland, cool. I'm quite surprised and intrigued that LA is on your list, though. Do tell!

  19. Jeffe: I'm there. I would bring my house to vacation on your beach. We will have such a time!!

    OZ! Hah, so fabulous to see you here, connoisseur of fabu architecture and locales. why LA? well, while the architecture isn't very nice (unless you're wealthy enough to buy something nice) and frankly, being there makes me feel dumpy and old, there is something cool about the place. I love how multicultural it is, and the weather, and the beach, and the energy. LA feels beautiful and wild to me. You can come visit in your tiny home when NY weather gets you down. You may set it next to mine!

  20. Ah, thank you, I'll do that :-). NY summer humidity can be hell!

    I've always thought of LA as rather nondescript architecture-wise...except...did you know that LA is second only to NYC in the Art Deco architecture stakes in the US? And they have some gorgeous examples.

    LA a la Venice Beach...very nice :-) See you there once I've done my "I've been everywhere" thing in Oz!