Saturday, March 3, 2012

Whee Whee Whee All the Way Home

By Kerry Schafer
If you live in the US, and if you have a TV, you are by now familiar with this little piggy. People seem to be divided into two camps where he is concerned - we love him, or we want to reduce him to crispy bacon goodness immediately.

I happen to love the little guy. He's got a lot of enthusiasm. I can relate, especially when he's engaged in this activity:

Full tilt, downhill, gaining momentum as he goes, with the pinwheels flying and the wind in his face. Wheeeeee!!! Indeed.

This is how my life feels at the moment. Exhilarating, exciting, and just on the edge of a potential crash if the speed gets too much greater.

It's been a wonderful and awesome opportunity to be your Saturday Whore, and I want to thank everybody for reading, commenting, and supporting my writing habit. However, in the interest of my own safety and that of others, (yep, saving my bacon) I have made the difficult decision to step away.

Tomorrow Jeffe will introduce my replacement, and I can just tell you that she will be a fun and exciting addition to the blog.

As a reminder of my Canadian Roots, I leave you with the following clip - which has no relevance to anything, other than the fact that it's from the movie Canadian Bacon.


  1. OMG, nooo. =o(

    I understand, though. Sometimes you just have to move on. Good luck in your other endeavors and I hope to see you around the internet elsewhere. =o)

    Bring on the new whore!

  2. B.E. - thank you for that response, lol. It's good to feel that I may be somewhat mised. And yes - I will be very present elsewhere. : )

  3. Somehow "bring on the new whore" sounds just... wrong, B.E. ;-) Good luck, Kerry!

  4. Thanks, Jeffe. Re: the whore comment, you know: out with the old, in with the new. :)

  5. Good luck and I will keep stalking you and give unwanted zombie advice on twitter ;-)

  6. Sullivan - excellent. I need the zombie advice from time to time. : ) Plus, I would miss my favorite piggy. Yes, even more than the Geico pig.

  7. And she leaves us with a John Candy clip! Classic, classic, classic.

    Good luck with the new books and All The Things. We'll still harass you in your other venues. ~muuwahaha~

  8. KAK - why yes, totally a classic clip! How else would I leave you? Please, continue to harass me, and I will do the same for you. : )

  9. Be good, have fun, and rock on!!! Best wishes for your new adventures.

  10. Wishing you the best on your journey, Kerry. :)