Monday, March 5, 2012


Dream homes. Well, Loyals and True Believers I actually have the house I always wanted. It's not everyone's dream but it is mine.

However, in my heart, I am cheating on it. Just a little.

See, last year I was invited to be a part of the Dahlonega Literary Festival. Now I used to live outside Dahlonega, about 30ish minutes away in Cleveland Ga. I liked living in Cleveland. It was quiet and country and easy. And I visited Dahlonega, hell that's where the Walmart was. But I never really stayed in Dahlonega.

So I go to the DLF. I had a GREAT time. Met some wonderful authors, hung out with some established friends (JF Lewis, I'm looking at you), and just generally had fun.

I also fell in love with the town of Dahlonega.

It was a gorgeous Fall weekend. The weather was sunny but cool, the leaves were falling in swirls of lovely color, there was a parade the same weekend because of Veterans Day and let me tell you, not much touches old James R. Tuck's heart than a town that unabashadly loves it's veteran's. The college in Dahlonega is a former military school, so there were hundreds of white crosses in memory lining the roads in and out of downtown Dahlonega and I got to see veterans of Korea and many other wars riding through the square. Flags everywhere. It made me proud.

The town is small and friendly. Mom and Pop stores. It's beautiful, especially at Christmas time.

So I want to retire and move there.

I even found the perfect house. It's a stone house built in 1932 and it is approx 2 miles from downtown Dahlonega. In good weather I could walk downtown, go to Mass at St Luke's, get lunch, walk back, and then write the next thing I am working on.
This is my dream house, in my dream town.


  1. What a gorgeous location and a beautiful house, James.

  2. James, at first I thought the house you meant was that brick museum. LOL. I love that little stone house you chose. I'm pulling for the word whoring to pay off so you can retire there!

  3. Mmmph. I'm a sucker for stone house too! Sounds awesome! :D

  4. That pic of Main Street is a perfect storybook image. I can see why the town appeals to you!