Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dreaming in Color

by KAK 

Believe it or not, I actually took a few film study classes back in the day. I can tell you why Hitchcock is revered. Why Rear Window works better as a film rather than a stage production. If we wanted to discuss the mad genius of Orson Wells and Citizen Kane, we could easily close down a bar.

I can also tell you I don't own those movies. 

My DVD collection is half of one shelf. Mostly because, once I've seen it, I've seen it. I'm done. The first exception to that was a bittersweet flick called:

What Dreams May Come

The plot is good (no, I haven't read Matheson's book that spawned the film). The cast is great (Robin Williams at his dramatic best). What consistently takes my breath away is the cinematography. They used special film for the specific purpose of capturing very vivid colors. They filmed in naturally stunning real-world locations, then took that back to the mad computer geniuses who layered even more color and texture on into the movie. A third of the story takes place in a heaven that is an actualized boldly beautiful painting. That sets a very high bar. Fortunately, the rest of the sets are gorgeous too.

If you haven't seen it. Grab a box of tissues and bottle of wine and watch it for the heart-twisting story. Then, go back and turn the sound off and just watch the scenery.



  1. What an interesting choice. I didn't love that movie, but I might have to watch again, since I clearly didn't appreciate it!

  2. The plot does require you to wear a "don't beat me with the bible" hat, but if you can put that aside and just focus on the relationships of the characters and beauty of the film, it's worth it.

    and, Linda... Kekio from TNG/DS9 is in it.

  3. Another movie I haven't yet seen! Robin Williams!!