Friday, February 10, 2012

Television Guilt

Lump me into the 'no TV' category. No room for one on the boat. More than that, though, about a decade ago, while we were still land-based, we realized we were using the television to anesthetize ourselves. We talked about it and decided that we didn't want to spend our lives being spectators. We wanted to DO. So the television went to family members and we axed the cable.

Entertainment shifted over to our computers and Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games like World of Warcraft and Star Wars the Old Republic.

However. Both my husband and I found that after the initial TV withdrawals subsided, there were still shows we missed. Netflix resolved his issue. It couldn't accommodate my craving for spurious science. Oh yes. That's my great love. I'm a science show junkie. Even when there's no *actual* science involved in a show. My father likes to give me a hard time about the number of mummy shows I've seen. Fellow Word Whore, Jeffe, likes to give me a hard time about watching all of the over-dramatized conspiracy theory based pseudo-science shows (Brad Meltzer's "Decoded", I'm looking at you - science? Not by a longshot. But I adore you anyway.)

I go up to and find entire seasons of shows of dubious scientific content and I binge. I don't care about actual science - though when I get it, I'm thrilled (Ancient Discoveries does a nice job of inserting science into the show - all the better because the science is usually flamable!)

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  1. Oh, the History Channel is addictive. I'm looking forward to "Full Metal Jousting" because I am that sort of dork.

  2. It's okay - I just have to deprogram you, one spurious factoid at a time. ;-)