Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Sliver of Bacon

by Jeffe Kennedy

Before I met sister Word Whore Allison Pang, I never gave bacon much thought.

I mean - why would I? Sometimes restaurants or family offered it with other breakfast foods. There's an appetizer I make at Christmas sometimes, where shrimp are wrapped with bacon and drizzled with Balsamic vinegar and rosemary - those are yummy. But otherwise, bacon was just something that wasn't particularly good for me that didn't cause me much heartbreak because I could take or leave it.

Then I met Allison.

She takes love of bacon and elevates it beyond obsession and makes it into an art form. A horrifying art form, from time to time - you wouldn't believe the bacon monstrosities she discovers and posts pictures of. But her love is strong and sincere, akin to the devotion Linus has for the Great Pumpkin.

When I first read A Brush of Darkness, in one of its early incarnations, I remarked on how often bacon appears in the book. I think Allison even removed some of the references at my suggestion. So, when her agent asked her to take out a few more, I just laughed and laughed.

Turns out there IS such a thing as too much bacon, Allison!

I'm proud and delighted to see Allison's second book come out on Tuesday. She'll be over at my personal blog tomorrow, giving away a special something to a lucky commenter. And A Sliver of Shadow is available for pre-order right now. I can't promise that there's bacon in it.

Knowing Allison, though, there will be.


  1. Too much bacon?! What a wishes to Allison with the new book, bacon or not!

  2. Ha ha - never any such thing as too much bacon. Except in novels. And yes, my agent made me remove at least 24 references before we sent it out on submission. >_<

    Thanks for the fab post, Jeffe. :) (And thanks for hosting me tomorrow)

  3. So looking forward to reading SOB - oh, wait - it's SOS. ; ) Allison, I'd say it anybody is hassling you about bacon references, just refer them back to Dickens. That man put descriptions of food and drink *everywhere*.

  4. A whole week of bacon!? Tell me it's not so! *shudders*

  5. Bacon like chocolate go hand in hand. Also after witnessing an Allison Pang precooked bacon twitter chat which was good reading, never enough bacon.

  6. So, do you think there will be bacon-cake on Tuesday? Or will it be a trip to Denny's for the bacon sundae?

  7. I predict bacon cupcakes - what else??