Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bacon on My Mind

by Allison Pang

You know, this really is my week. Between the release of A Sliver of Shadow (shameless plug) and being able to talk about bacon on Word-Whores, I'm not sure it can get much better than that. 

To say I have something of a reputation for bacon is a bit of an understatement. It's a rare day on Twitter when someone doesn't send me a link to something bacon related. (Or Hello Kitty. Or unicorns. But I digress.)

However...although I would like to wax poetic about the sheer awesomeness of bacon in general, I'm a bit pressed for time this week. (Not to mention that I actually blogged about bacon for a guest post a few weeks ago...because I'm out of things to talk about, apparently. >_<)  That in mind, I did take a look through my Borrowing Heaven blog, because I've talked about bacon there quite a few times over there. So, here's a quick cull of some of the best images/videos/topics I've posted.

Bacon turkey

The rules of bacon. Apparently bacon gets you laid.

And how, y'all. And how.

 A video by the Incredible Breakfast Band. Who is actually Gideon Emery - who voices Fenris on Dragon Age 2, so pretty much every fangirl and bacon hot button gets pushed when I listen to this.

Bacon is the candy of meats.

An old ad for what was essentially bacon pop-tarts that never quite took off because the grease kept setting toasters on fire.


Nothing better than singing about bacon...unless it's dancing. Along with a nice cherry tomato ass.

Rainbow bacon. You can actually make this.

And last, an actual award of sorts made for me by Adri (editor over at Entangled, aka @SmoulderingSea) a year ago. Sadly, he's right. Suppose I ought to go bribe myself with bacon and the rest of the posts done for my blog tour, eh?


  1. I love the #7 Rule of Bacon. =o) Enjoy your release week, tons of sales, and the health benefits of bacony goodness.

  2. Somebody's got to say it - it's your week to bring home the bacon!! Celebrate to the max and congratulations again. : )

  3. Thanks guys! :D It's been a crazy week for sure....