Monday, January 23, 2012


Well, being a published writer is a wild dream in and of itself. I am grateful that I can do this and, so far, it seems to be going rather well.

I have a lot of dreams that have to do with being a writer. Win a Stoker award. Win an Edgar. Be published in multiple countries and languages.

But my wildest?

I want a movie.

I would take a TV show, but I want a movie from my Deacon Chalk books.

Now, it's not outside the realm of possibility. Thousands of books are optioned by Hollywood every year. My book is an action-packed, blockbuster style book. It is loaded with cool stuff that Hollywood likes in it's summer movies. So let me clarify.

I want a GOOD movie made of my books. I want a big budget, star-laden, well directed, true-to-the novels, runaway smash of a movie.

And I want this man to play Deacon Chalk.

Yes that is Dwayne Johnson. He is Deacon Chalk. It will be his biggest movie ever. And I want a cameo. I want Deacon to walk through a door. We meet face to face, do the slow look up and down to each other and then pass on by.

That would be awesome.

I don't want to be an actor. I just want that one small thing.

I have other dreams. Dinner with John Barrowman and his partner. Andrew Vachss saying: "I read your book. It was good." Sharing a panel with Laurell K. Hamilton. Sharing a pizza with Neil Gaiman. Hosting my own convention for authors and readers to meet each other.

But I think the movie is the wildest.

Well, except for maybe the gold swimming pools full of cash.


  1. Oooh, I like all of those, Tuck. ~adding to spreadsheet~

  2. Great choice! Now I want to read your book even more!

  3. OMG YES!!!!!!!!!!
    i CAN TOTALLY see Dwayne in that role...and that cameo "size up" scene would kick ass!
    I'm still in the early part of the the book, (as in I just realized I actual;y might have to BUY some chocolate crosses this coming easter season...) and plan to project the mental image of the rock into the rest of it as I read it.

  4. Niiice. Anything you can see so clearly has to happen, doesn't it??

  5. Oooh, that's a movie I will definitely go see WHEN it happens.