Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thankful: the Non-definitive List

I really don't even know where to start with the thankfulness and blessings thing. So, I'm just going with the things that pop into my head, not in any sort of ranking of importance:

1. A day off work. Nowhere special to be, nothing that needs to be done. No life and death problems to solve, no phone summoning me out of the house. Jammies 'til noon if I feel so inclined.

2. Living in a small town. We actually went into town on Friday, the Viking and I, although we are pretty much anti-Black Friday. There were no maddened crowds, no pepper spray, no shoving matches. We walked down main street and looked at the stores. We popped into the jewelry store to see if they could clean a tarnished silver chain and the jeweler treated us like we were the most important customers in the world and charged a pittance. We popped into the kitchen store, browsed around, and bought nothing. We went into the good juju store and bought incense. We sat down in the cafe and had a cup of excellent espresso. Everybody was relaxed and smiling and friendly.

3. Leftovers. There is nothing quite like leftover turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy and green bean casserole. And pie. Lots, and lots of pie.

4. Family. College Boy is home for a few days. Guitar Boy is hanging out. The Viking is home. Thanks to phones and internet the rest of the far flung family is available at the touch of a few buttons.

5. The Cat. Even though we caught her up on the table eating the butter, even though she seems possessed the last few days with some particularly mischievous demon, I'm still grateful for the warm purry fur ball.

6. Internet friends. I'm sometimes astonished at the generosity and support writers show each other, and profoundly grateful to all those who have assisted me with my writing, in ways large and small.

7. Gnarly Head Old Vine Zin. 'Nuff said.

8. Books. My book shelves stacked and double stacked with favorites old and new. All of the books waiting to be read, in paper or electronic. Books written by people I "know" because of Twitter. Truly, this seems like magic to me sometimes.

9. Novel ideas bouncing around in my head and creating new ideas every time they collide. There is nothing quite like the lovely buzzing of a plot coming together half in-half out of the subconscious.

10. Flowers, out of season. A bright splash of color on the windowsill.

11. Plenty of wood for the winter, and a woodstove to burn it in. Nothing pushes back the darkness like the warm and toasty glow of a fire.

12. The trees and mountain and sky I see when I look out of my writing window.

Well, I could go on and on for a very long time, so I'll stop there. Your turn. What things are you especially thankful for today?


  1. Wine. Books. Leftovers. Yep, I too am grateful for those things today.

    Cheers to savoring the joy!

  2. Good list. :)

    I'm mostly thankful my in-laws hosted Thanksgiving dinner. ;)