Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DayDream Believer

by KAK  

Yeah. I can't begin to discuss daydreams without the Monkey's, "Daydream Believer." ~pulls out the bellbottoms and feathers the hair~  Go on, get your snap on.

I am a devotee of daydreaming. I still do it with my mouth wide open, thus earning the "Most Flies Caught" award. If it's an engrossing daydream, there may be drool involved.  Once upon a time when I was a bleached-blonde there were many a comment about hearing the wind blowing between my ears.

One of the awesome things about being a writer? I totally justify staring into space as "plotting" or "letting the scene develop mentally before transcribing it." Sounds plausible doesn't it?

Thing is, as a culture, we don't really allow ourselves to simply think. We have to do. Actions are means by which we are judged. Yet, if we don't think before we do, then ... ~insert social, political, or economic punchline here~

Three cheers for daydreaming, I say. Exercise your brain. Get your imagination fired up, even if you're not a writer, painter, or an artiste. I daydream most when I am on the treadmill ('cause really, what else are you going to do? focus on jiggle of your thighs, the wheeze coming from your lungs?) or in the kitchen. The latter can get a little dicey (~rimshot~ thankyouillbehereallnight). Sometimes, oh but sometimes, I'll just sit and stare out the window. Thinking.


How about you? When do you give yourself time to just think?


  1. I don't exactly daydream during the morning commute to the day job, because you have to be constantly alert behind the wheel, right? But I do find that my brain does a lot of plotting and thinking about characters in the early morning dark, with the music blasting. Except for a few minutes of stark terror daily on the I5 in the Newhall Pass!

  2. I daydream constantly--that's where all my book ideas seem to germinate. And in my real dreams, of course.

    Thank you for sharing!

  3. I can't picture you as a bleached blonde - yeah, that part stuck in my head.

    As for dreaming, I dream in the shower. And I've run out of hot water more times than I can count!

    I also dream on the way into work. Missing that exit wasn't very smart, though (and I thought I was on auto pilot - apparently that only works going home!).

    Even before I found writing, I dreamed. Never realized my mind (or muse) was trying to tell me something!

  4. Veronica, ah, the one upside to the interminable commute -- you time! (Assuming the traffic is willing to cooperate.)

    Heidi, daydreams and night-dreams = lots of inspiration. Love it!

    Stacy, I know, the blonde right? Man, that cold shower burst has to be the worst way to end a day dream! brrr!

    Thanks for commenting, ladies!

  5. I daydream a lot on long car rides - works great!

  6. Great post. I love taking time to just let my mind wander. (Sometimes, it wanders on its own and I have to go chasing it, but that's another story.) Usually I do my best daydreaming when I'm taking a walk, or out having a smoke, or even as I'm trying to fall asleep at night.

  7. Best daydreaming: long drives (not in traffic), in the shower, walks in the woods.

  8. More votes for the car, eh? I see we're not sing-along-with-the-iPod sort of travelers.

    B.E., you ever start a daydream on a walk and come out of the dream wondering where in the world your feet took you while your brain was otherwise engaged? :D