Sunday, October 23, 2011

SAPPHIRE! (Not Vampires and Weres)

So, when we first started this blog, we agreed that we could each punt on the topic when it comes to release day.

And tomorrow is release day for Sapphire.

It has nothing to with vampires, weres or even anything remotely paranormalish.

But still - YAY!

Should you be so inclined, you can get it at Carina (click here) or Amazon (click here) or All Romance eBooks (click here).

Or - I'm reliably informed that this might be a bad week for vampires and weres overall - and there may be contests and giveaways.

(My sister Word Whores might figure out a way to work the theme, in too...)


  1. an early congrats on the release!
    Voodoo Bride wants me to tell you she really loves Sapphire. She won't let me read it, it's too naughty for me she says ;-)

  2. Congrats on release day!

    You've got to watch for those vamps. They show up when you least expect them. ~evil laugh~

  3. Congratulations on release day, Jeffe. That cover is gorgeous, btw. I hope you sell tons. =o)

  4. Sullivan - it is a very naughty book, but oh so good. You could maybe sneak it when the Voodoo Bride isn't looking.

  5. Do we want to contribute to the moral decline of an innocent piggie?

    Hells yes!

    Thank you everyone!