Friday, September 16, 2011

Songs without Words

Eclectic. Obnoxious. Call my musical tastes what you will. When I write, I need music without words, or with words that key specific feeling states pertaining to a scene. If I'm writing to music, it's most often to game sound tracks, Techno, Electronica, Trance...anything that fires off the stories inside my brain. The Halo soundtrack figured prominently for awhile, as did all of the Myst soundtracks. Lisa Gerrard, Dead Can Dance, Frontline Assembly - you name it. Recently, it's been Pendulum and Nox Arcana. I have an inordinant and possibly abnormal fondness for concept albums. Pendulum's lastest fits that bill and tells an entire story that works well for something I'm working on. Nox Arcana - creepy music at its very best. I adore these guys. Let me show you why:

Each Nox Arcana album is built around a specific concept and they are all deliciously creepy. Now, full confession here - I loathe horror films. So how and why this spooky music makes my day is utterly beyond me. How it translates into anything remotely science fiction is also beyond me. Halo and Myst - even Pendulum - those I get. Not this stuff. Still. I love it.

Have a gander at a bit of Pendulum:

My current soundtrack? Earplugs. The heroine for book three of my scifi series is deaf.


  1. I had no idea about Nox Arcana. I love the clip.

    Some days, I don't hear the lyrics and some days, they're far too intrusive. I need to have more "lyric-less" pieces in my playlists.

    ~wanders off to explore more of Marcella's musical suggestions~

  2. You only *wish* you were deaf! I'll check these out, too, but a lot of techno just makes me nervous.

  3. Okay, yeah. The Nox Arcana is really compelling. I can see why you like to write to it, but the Pedulum? No no no to rabbit hearbeat.

  4. Pendulum makes it plain that I may have spent far too much of my youth in dance clubs.