Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Music of the Novel

by KAK 

I use music to get in the mood. ~baw-chicka-wow-wow~  It's as important to me as a tidy workspace, the appropriate aromas infusing the air, the right lighting, etc. Music is a means of securing my creative focus.

No, no, it ain't all Barry White up in here. 

Most of what I write doesn't involve a slow seduction over a glass of wine. In January, I posted a bit flash-fiction that's more my style: "The Length of Time."

Instead of telling you which songs go with which sort of scenes, I'd like for you to guess. Yep, that's right.  I've been your Tuesday Word-Whore for nine months now. It's a suitable gestation period for getting to know me -- virtually.

Here are five videos for five moods/scenes. Tell me in the Comments what type of scene you think I'm writing based on these songs.

Five songs, five potential scenes. Go ahead, give me your best guess(es)!


  1. I'm so gonna win this one! Will be back later to listen and make my pronouncement.

  2. Glenzboyz is the battle song. (looked for them on iTunes - no luck)
    For Leonard Cohen, I'm going with love scene, though we need to talk.
    Scarlet Pimpernel is for the court scenes, wheeling and dealing.
    Meat Loaf (of COURSE you had to include a Meatloaf tune) is for the loss and longing scenes
    Bugger Off (lol) is for the thumbing of nose at the nobles.

  3. Oh, so very close, Jeffe! I love where you went with them.

    The first song, "An Toll Dubh," by Runrig (Proterra is the album) is for scenes about oppression. It loosely translates into "The black hole / The black dungeon." It brings to mind that "oh-we-oh" forced-march drudge.

    Cohen's "My Secret Life" is usually for scenes about private distress. "I'm Your Man," would be for the love scenes. ;D

    The Pimpernel & my beloved Meat Loaf you totally got.

    The Real McKenzie's "Bugger Off," are for those rollicking, bawdy times, nose-thumbing, arse-waving times. If you watch any of the YouTube clips for the live versions of this song you might happen to see some moons.

    Thanks for playing today's "Name That (Scene's) Tune!"

  4. Damn! I'm too late to play. But I loved the music clips. You have eggggsellent taste!

  5. Okay, you get a pass on love scenes then - I'm Your Man is a fine choice!

  6. I'm too late too, but great post KAK!!! Lots of fun today!