Sunday, August 7, 2011

Writing Space

by Jeffe Kennedy

I don't have a writing nest so much as a writing aerie.

Regular readers of my personal blog, which is moving to here (big annnounce-a-ment tomorrow), recognize the above view. I took that this morning, sitting at my writing desk. Annie Dillard, among others, espouses writing facing a blank wall. Me - I love to be able to see.

I spend a fair amount of time gazing out. But it's still the infinite view that allows the inward gaze. Plus it's way prettier.

So, here it is, backed up a little bit. Ignore the mean monitor to the left - that's for the day job. I've got my little talismans, that all mean various things. But for the most part I like a clean desk. My version of the blank wall.
Looking to my left. See? I've had that A Room with a View poster since high school. I'm consistent. The kitties have knocked that lamp over enough times that it's cattywompus now. Doesn't bother me. You can see my throwing knives, my contest win certificates for Petals & Thorns. When we moved here from Wyoming, I decided to start fresh and not hang up all the posters from my Wyoming Trucks tours and awards. Now that Obsidian will be published (yay!), you'll soon know why I have a poster of Devils Tower. And that's the partially done storyboard for The Middle Princess, which I'm planning to pick up again. As soon as today.

Looking to the right, there are my sun/moon wheels - which also appear in Obsidian - and my fairy collection. Or, a slice of it, rather. The print matted in aqua blue is likely hard to make out, but it makes me think of Rowan in The Body Gift. I had a bunch of other TBG talismans on the story board, but cleared them off to make room for Middle Princess.

I don't know if it's very interesting, but there it is!

I must say, I am looking forward to seeing everyone else's writing spaces this week.


  1. You have a lovely writing space. I don't think I could leave my window uncovered - I'd spend too much time gazing outside and not get anything done. And your space is so clean. I can't wait to see what everyone else's spaces look like. =o)

  2. I like the cattywompus lamp that the cattys knocked wompus. Love your space.

  3. Thanks, B.E. - I really love it. I think gazing out is very important for mental health!

    LOL, Jillian. Love those cattys!

  4. And a lovely aerie it is. I'm with Jeffe on the view - I have one myself and it doesn't slow me down at all. That said - Hurray for Obsidian being published. And for the Middle Princess getting her chance at life. : )

  5. Faeries, blades, and a Room with a View. This says so much about you...

  6. It's almost embarrassing how much it says, KAK...

  7. Voodoo Bride wants me to tell you she thinks it's very cool to see pictures of the place where all that goodness is being written. ;-)

  8. Thankee Laura!

    Voodoo Bride is in for a good week then, Sullivan!