Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Where Pigs Fly -- That's Where You'll Find Me

by KAK 

Why do I live where I live? I'll let the pictures explain.

I used to live here -- not in in the Capitol. The heat in there is a bit unpredictable.

Then I moved here -- where pigs fly and I can get a Three Way to go. 

That pretty much leaves me with this place as my future destination.


  1. Very funny. You, I may not want to visit.

  2. Want to move to the coast with us?

  3. ~evil grin~ Happy Tuesday! Here's your laugh!

    I have been Hell, Grand Caymans, Jeffe, so trust me when say, "pick Michigan over Grand Caymans if you're going to Hell."

  4. Oh!!!!! LOVE the pigs!
    And one day I'm going to board a plane if only to upset everyone who ever said 'When pigs fly' ;-)

  5. Sullivan, you should fly here so you can meet all of the wonderful pigs with wings!

  6. I'm trying to save up for a big trip, but it's not going very fast