Friday, August 26, 2011

The Corner of Where Ever and Never Been

My favorite street corner - that's tough. I started out thinking, 'but I don't have a favorite!' Then I considered claiming a virtual street corner in World of Warcraft. (The fountain outside the Alliance bank in Dalaran where my friends and I would gather - but since the expansion, the magic is gone.) 

Then, today, as we cast off from Anacortes, we passed a fishing boat on his way back into dock. I was still out on deck. He hollered up to me that there were all kinds of whales out in the water today. Off Eagle Point on the southern tip of San Juan Island, were the Strait of Juan de Fuca meets Haro Strait. The weather was perfect for a run out there. Except.

We couldn't go. 

We've turned south. We've committed to schedules, made promises that trump our desire to run off chasing whales. The day was spent regretting what we couldn't do, rather than in focusing on all of the friends and family we'll get to see by the end of this week. Dumb, I know. We realized, laughed and shook off the funk. 

It made me think. I seem to be all about going and seeing - checking out the grass in other pastures. Which leads me to say this: my favorite street corner is someplace I haven't seen yet. But I look forward to getting to contrast and compare lots of them.


  1. Written in the spirit of exploration - I love that. Makes me have travel urges and thoughts of what corners I have yet to discover in my life.

  2. Ooh, very similar to what I said! No wonder we get along so well.

  3. Right - That Place. It is a beautiful spot, isn't it?

    Thanks for this.

  4. A futuristic place! Is it any wonder why you write SF? ~cough~

    Cheers to going boldly where no one has gone before ... well, 'cept maybe the street-pavers.