Monday, July 4, 2011

Time Travel

by Laura Bickle

There are a lot of places and times I'd love to explore...and see again.

At the top of my list of random places and times:

1. Back to ancient Egypt. I have a persistent dream about napping in the sunshine on the roof of a building, surrounded by cats. Plus, the library at Alexandria...irresistible.

I recently read Schiff's CLEOPATRA. According to her account, Alexandria was not a bad place to be a woman. It sure as hell beat Rome. You could own property, choose your spouse, run your own business. And I understand that the Alexandrians knew how to party.

2. Constantinople, around the time of the building of the Hagia Sophia. Before iconography was banned. I'd want to see the art, feel the tension of the riots and opulence. Taxes were oppressive as hell, but it would have been something to see.

3. Easter Island, around 1250, when the Moai were carved. I want to know what the heck they were for. Why the inhabitants deforested the island and pretty much eradicated themselves to create those silent sentinels.

4. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, around 700 BC. I would love to see something so lush and green, feel the reeds brushing my fingers and the shade of many trees. It was said to be a gift from King Nebuchadnezzar to his homesick wife, who missed the landscape of her homeland.

5. Petra in Jordan. I'd love to even visit it in present time. There's something really mystical about how the light illuminates that reddish rock.

6. I'd love to go back to many trips and adventures in my own life and relive them. Trips with my husband to the woods to call owls or get sunburnt on beaches. Getting married. Lunches with friends. Bringing new cats home, buying my first home. These things are always close to my heart.

7. And I'd love to see the future. I'd love to be able to look far enough to know if Star Trek technology is ever possible. Theoretically, we should have hard drives capable of containing all the data in a human body in about two hundred years. And if we can assemble and disassemble atoms...are we destroying an old Captain Kirk and creating a new iteration with each application of the transporter? And where on earth can we get the energy to run such things?

Mostly, though, I wonder if we will ever be able to get to another star system, find some new place to build pyramids and gardens and sculptures. No world lasts forever, and I'll be interested to see if we can lay the groundwork to colonize other planets.


  1. Oooh - can I come with you? Can we get a Tardis? Some of those places & times scare me a little.

  2. Right now, Petra is at the top of my list of places to visit. We were hoping to do an Egypt/Jordan trip this year, but then Egypt kind of exploded and we decided we'd better put it off for a bit. Maybe next year....

  3. I always wondered why the crew of the Enterprise aged, got sick, or died when the transporters had their "healthy" data stored. Not that I'd want to get rid of Bones or Crusher...

    Love the wedding pic, btw. You two freakin' glow with the Happy.

  4. Kerry, I think that having a Tardis to flee back to might be a good idea!

    JenM, I'm sorry that the Egypt trip didn't work out. Maybe next year!

    Thanks, KAK. We're stupid happy. :-)

    And yeah, you'd think that the Enterprise crew would be able to go back to a transporter "restore point"?

  5. Great places and times to visit...all eras I'm massively curious about as well...I'd love to see Machu Piccu during it's hey day as well. There's something about those sophisicated ancient civilasations that fascinate me.

    And future? Would love to see if the flying cars and hoverboards from Back To The Future ever make it to reality! :)

  6. Yes, Mel! When are we going to get our flying cars?

  7. I have a persistent dream about napping in the sunshine on the roof of a building, surrounded by cats.

    I have reason to believe you were a cast in a previous life - this is not a bad thing :-)

  8. I've been to Jordon, my then boyfriend am I also saw Israel at the same time. Petra is stunning and atmospheric. I would recommend going very early, just after dawn, the effect of the rising sun is amazing - plus it's cooler and you miss the worst of the tourists! Would also advise to travel with a man who you loudly refer to as your husband...

  9. Tez, LMAO. I think that there is good reason for that belief! ;-)

    Ghost, thanks for the tips! I will file those away for future reference.

    And I'm very jealous that you went! Would love to have seen it! :-)

  10. All fine choices - sign me up for the whole package!

    Love the glowy wedding pic, too!