Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Man Candy: The Female Gaze Unleashed

by Allison Pang

If you follow my other blog at all, you know I'm no stranger to the concept of man candy. It's pretty much a weekly staple - though I tend to limit it to Saturday nights (or days when I just didn't feel like blogging. So, hey - throw up a smexy man and we're good to go.)

Sadly, I tend to get a lot more hits on those days than any other. Maybe I'm a boring blogger...or maybe the female gaze just needs more of an outlet than it's been getting. Not that I'm into objectifying for the sake of it (and not that I'm always above it, either.) I tend to keep my blog pictures tasteful for the most part, although my personal collection certainly dips into the more risqué,  I don't find I need to go there on the blogs.

(Part of this stems from the fact that I do sometimes try to be "professional". Yeah, you can stop laughing there. Plus my blog feeds into Facebook. Which a lot of family/work people read it. So, yeah, they know I'm pervy. They don't need to know how  *much*)

Anyway, I'm just going to toss up a few pictures in no particular order. My tastes vary depending on my mood, and it's not always about teh sexxy bods. I totally agree with Jeffe about the hands earlier this week. I'm a sucker for hands. Feet too, although honestly, as long as they don't have troll toes, I'm pretty easy going.

I'm a sucker for a dude in a kilt. And doubly so for Ewan McGregor. He looks so totally bad-ass and casual all at the same time.

Plus he's not afraid to get naked in his movies.

Le Sigh, for Robert Downey Jr.

To be honest, I didn't like him much when he was younger, but I'd definitely dig him now. :)

(I've found that although I like looking at the young bods of teh smexxy guys, I'm definitely more attracted to men who look like they've seen something of the world.)

Mmmm. Guys who are good with animals rock. Just like this guy's thighs.

And well, duh. Of course, I'm gonna throw in some shirtless David Garrett in there. (Tho I admit that I actually enjoy his non-posed pictures better, particularly the ones where he's losing himself in the music.)

I'm a sucker for artists and musicians in general and I'll take talent over looks any day of the week.

And here's a little Eric the vampire action, aka Alexander Skarsguard.


Patrick Dempsey is another one I couldn't stand when he was younger, but he aged so very, very well.

Probably one of my favorite models (so nice I used him twice, since that's him up there at the top). Theo Theodoris is basically Greek perfection.

Unfortunately, he's actually in prison now for drug issues. (It's a pretty sad story, but if you're interested in finding out more, go check out the Free Theo site on Facebook)

Hmmm. And I guess just some of my favorite random hottie pictures to round it out. :)

...Guess I better stop now. *cough*


  1. Niiiice. I'm with you on RDJr. Didn't care a bit about him before about 2000. But then something happened and I was suddenly struck by how talented he is - how invested he seems to be in his roles without taking himself too seriously. Funny just how sexy that all looks. And my. What a delectable assortment of eye candy. Mmmm.

  2. I'll die happily if these 3 are waiting for me in Heaven - Robert Downey Jr, Ewan McGreggor and Alexander Skarsgard...