Thursday, May 26, 2011


I’m staring at that word on my screen with one brow cocked at it.

What am I irrationally devoted to?

80’s hair metal bands. Movies with men in loincloths. Margaritas.

Good choices all. Additionally, I’m sure there are folks who know me who could provide a highlight reel of irrational moments in my life. --And for the record, I soundly disagree with them all.-- But there be a blog post to write.

Oooooooooooooo.flynn haviland3


I know this is lame, especially with the Disney franchise having released it’s fourth installment this past weekend. But seriously…I have an irrational thing for pirates. My first band was called CORSAIR. (Spanish word for pirates or privateers.) That was 24 years ago, so screw all you new-come pirate fans. I was pirate before pirate was cool.

Maybe Errol Flynn had something to do with that.

Captain Blood has always been one of my favorite movies.


While Yellowbeard was entertaining in a very Cheech and Chong manner…

I thought Cutthroat Island was superb. (Some stilted language and poor delivery thereof being it’s only flaw….) cutthroat island

cutthroat island2

fight scene cutthroat

Really. It’s a great movie. It even has Frank Langella in it.

He played Dracula once upon a time….

frank langella

Now here’s my favorite composer playing pirate-y music live….


  1. "Aye, Matey, get caught and you'll kiss the gunnar's daughter." ~evil laugh~

    That's what my dad says when we're up to no good together -- complete with accent and sneer. Who can't love pirates after that?

    Oh, and Basil Rathbone... really under appreciated as a villain.

  2. Absolutely. Basil kicked ass, too. :-D