Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fetish Week: the Quiz

By Kerry Schafer

Well, it's my job to wrap up Fetish Week here at the Word Whore Mansion.

What have we learned, boys and girls? I think it's time for a quiz. I'm also guessing there might be a prize for the person who gets the most right answers. It will be a special kind of prize - a Sur-Prize. So put on your thinking cap, play along, and you never know what you might get.

1. On Day One, in "Banishing Hobbies" Jeffe Kennedy wrote about hobbies as fetishes (one definition - anything to which one devotes an extreme amount of time and energy can be a fetish). She talked of giving up nearly all such things in devotion to writing. Except for one thing she couldn't quit. What was that one thing?

2. On Day Two, in "Charms and Fetishes," Laura Bickle focuses on the definition "a man-made work of art that holds power." She mentions two of these things. Name the one that isn't a bracelet. (Why yes, this is a scientifically designed quiz, with standardized measures. Just answer the damn question.)

3. Day Three, and KA Krantz brings up romance. It's fairly clear she's going to talk about fetishes being romantic, since the title of her post is "The Romance of a Fetish." She also makes a case for fetishes being two other things, besides romantic. Name those, for two points. (Hint: Fetishes Are ____)

4. On Wednesday, Allison Pang wrote not about the fetish itself, but the sort of person who might be a fetish devotee. And this sort of person might be? (Hint: I will squeeeee when you give the right answer.)

5. Day Five. And Linda Robertson gives us a delightful pictorial, writing about her irrational devotion to - what?

6. And on Day Six, a touching story by Marcella Burnard about crafting a fetish for her young niece to help ward off nightmares. At the end of the post, who is wearing the fetish?

7. Today would be my day, and as this post is already a quiz, I can hardly quiz you on the quiz. So, let me ask you this. Which of the following items do you think I have tucked away in my drawer because I have a deeply secret belief that they offer me some sort of power or luck?

a) a small greyish blue stone from the banks of Lake Michigan
b) turkey feathers
c) an entire baggie full of chicken wishbones
d) all of the above

And now - the clock is ticking. Answer the questions before Jeffe puts up the Sunday morning topic, and the one or ones with the most right answers will win - something.


  1. 1. Reading.

    2. A story.

    3. Spiritual and Vulnerabilities Exposed.

    4. Fangirl.

    5. Pirates.

    6. Teddy Bear. (Or a stuffed cat. Kind of hard to tell.)

    7. d. All of the above.

  2. She IS smart. But we can't say if the answers are right or wrong because then other people could cheat off her answers.

  3. 1- reading books
    2- a story
    3- spiritual and vulnerabilities exposed
    4- fangirl
    5- pirates
    6- a really cool plushie cat!
    7- I'm going to say answer A. because I think answer C. is creepy. I love answer B. but never heard of turkey feathers being lucky.

  4. Sullivan - answer C is kinda creepy, I'll admit. No comment on whether it's right or wrong though.

  5. A quiz, a quiz! Genius idea for a wrap-up.

    Oh, I totally read B) as "Turkey Gizzards" and understood why the writing assistant is never far from your desk. Alas, feathers though...changes everything.

  6. Did you use the word genius in reference to moi? My day is now complete.

  7. And Linda Grimes is our winner!! Hurray!!! How about a copy of Marcella's Enemy Games as your prize? For the record, I was not the one who collected all of the chicken wishbones - they moved here with the Viking. I admit to fearing that if I dispose of them there will be bad luck. We need to pull them all some day.

  8. HOORAY!! And, yes, a copy of Enemy Games would be wonderful! :D

    Re the wishbones: never hurts to have some wishes put aside for a rainy day.