Saturday, April 9, 2011

RT Word Whores Vanish

by Kerry Schafer

As there has been no word from the RT Attending Word Whores since Thursday night before the Fairy Ball, we must speculate on what has happened to them. Were they kidnapped by a Fairy Prince and whisked away to the Land of Faerie for once and all? Are they caught there in some time warp, frolicking by magical fires and drinking Faerie Mead?


  1. I'm betting they raised such a ruckus with Mr. Romance that Marcella had to call in a space-jump. They're currently enjoying their ab-tastic spoils on planet Iyl'TakAMyn

  2. Personally, I'm scraping spare change off the top of the washing machine and emptying my coat pockets. I figure that the call for bail money will come at ANY TIME.

  3. It's good to know we can count on you gals to bail out, even if it's on Iyl'TakMyn. I'll get some photos up here soon. Meanwhile, did you see us here? :D