Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Fur Family

We have the option this week, to talk about our pets or our kids.

Same thing?

My stepkids have grown up into these fabulous, glossy adults and my grandchildren (two) are so adorable that I would feel bad showing up all the other Word Whores with photos they could never out do.

Pets it is.

Isabel (above) is the youngest of the current fur family. Yes, that's my writing desk she's taken over. She's leaning a shoulder on Sailor Whore, Marcella Burnard's, newest release, too. She's a Maine coon cat, so she's big. And smart. Full of affection and mischief.

Yeah, I totally let her stay there.
Teddy is senior cat. Also known as Queen Cat. Also a Maine coon cat, she's bigger than Isabel. Fortunately, Isabel thinks that Teddy hung the moon, so they both agree that everything Teddy does is wonderful. Teddy is sharing my arm chair as I type, which she does every evening when there's a laptop computer on my lap instead of her.

Finally, there's Zip. Odd man out. Beta dog. Poor Zip is beta to everyone, even to Isabel. In this photo he looks perplexed because he's wondering what I'm doing to him. Zip is a red border collie, if you're wondering, born on a ranch in Wyoming. I've never been much of a dog person, but Zip is David's partner dog.

The three of them are buddies. Dogs and cats, living together. They, plus David, are my immediate family. The beings that share my day from the moment I wake - Teddy against my side, Isabel on the dresser watching me and the birds, Zip on the floor on David's side of the bed - through the day and all through the night.

I'm a lucky, lucky girl.


  1. The cats are adorable. Zip does look sort of quizzical, but he is a cutie. And that photo of all three of them with David - I adore it. Made me want to wag my tail.

  2. 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 - That's Autolycus's comment. I can only assume it's a message of feline approval. Either that or it's a secret code to Teddy and Isabel to initiate the feline takeover of the planet.

  3. Aw, Zip, so nice to see you enjoying something other than stalking the kitchen in hopes of cake-dropsies.

    I'm surprised Isabel came down off the roof to sit for a portrait.

    Teddy, do you prefer mass market or trade paperbacks?

  4. What a great family!
    I love the picture of Zip.

  5. That photo makes me want to wag my tail, too, Kerry. All my fave people, right there.

    Marcella - I intercepted that comment. We are not yet ready for feline takeover!

    Teddy says she prefers ebooks, Isabel has been curtailed from recent roof-walking and Zip say "huh?"

    Sullivan - you and Zippy would get on famously!

    Thank you, Laura - kitties send kisses!

  6. It's nice that Teddy lets you read - my cat won't let people read, unless he can lie comfortably on the person's lap at the same time. He has very specific views about literacy ;-) Looks like Isabel may not necessarily won't you to write - that's her computer ;-)

  7. Yes - Teddy is fine with reading as long as it doesn't affect her comfort. Isabel, however, is firmly of the opinion that she is more important than writing. Who am I to argue?

  8. Yay for fur babies. :) Most of mine have been banished from the house at the moment, but there's something about having a cat plant itself in your lap at *the* very moment you're supposed to be doing something else. It's like a conspiracy.

  9. Very true, Allison - the question is, are they conspiring with us or against us?

  10. LOL, your fur babies are beautiful. I'm partial to Zip since I have a copper colored Aussie mix (I mean c'mon, Aussies and Borders just go paw in paw ;) )

  11. they *do* go paw in paw - I'm sure they'd be fast friends!