Wednesday, February 9, 2011



This week we're doing posts about our favorite neuroses. Trying to figure out what neuroses were exactly, I looked 'em up.

The all-knowing Wikipedia says this: "There are many different specific forms of neurosis: pyromania, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety neurosis, hysteria and a nearly endless variety of phobias."

So. I gotta talk about one of those? I got nothing funny to say. Nothing witty. Ergo this=lame post.

So I say: Pffft. There's only one thing in that list that caught my eye and it did so for all the wrong reasons, meaning it has nothing to do with what the other word whores are doing. It's all I got.

To me, Pyromania will always be this:


DEF LEPPARD! 1983. Their website says: In the US, the LP sells 100,000 a week for most of the year and ends up selling over seven million copies in that country alone.

Okay, admittedly, I count for two of those cassette copies. I ruined the first one by playing it so much my boom-box got hungry and ate it.

So…if you've made it this far in my LAME post, in the spirit of fun—not maliciousness—fill in the blank:

Burning ________ would make me get my pyromania on?

Me? Hmmm. I could get excited about burning that pile of un-mate-able socks in the laundry room. I’d even get the s’more’s ready but, you know, those socks were on my boys’ feet. Probably make the marshmallows taste funny.

While you think about your answer, here’s a little help:


  1. After a rather stressful orchestra rehearsal last night, I'd get a whole lot of satisfaction burning the score to Aida!

  2. I love this album! And I'm a closet pyromaniac (bon fires are my fave!). Let's see, burning the junk mail I get everyday would make me get my pyromania on. *mutters*

  3. "Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fooooooolin'"
    "All I want is a photograaaaaph"
    "Rock of Ages, Still Roooolin' Rock-n-Roooollin'"

    Seriously, I own all of their CDs, (though, thank god Mutt got a hold of them so the tragedy of On Through The Night would never be repeated).

    I'm hoping next week's big announcement is a new studio album. I wonder if I can still rock the Zippo snap so I can wave my lighter and warble a ballad with Joe.

  4. Michelle--Stressful how? I think it's amazing that you're in the orchestra, BTW. Keeping a five-piece band together and having everyone know what they;'re doing and when is hard enough, let alone the--what?--50, 60, 100 in an orchestra? Though I suppose illegal substances aren't an issue in the women's orchestra... perhaps if the lot of ya do a couple of shots of Fire Water before practice, maybe it'd help??? HAHA j/k

    Danica--I love me a good bonfire, too. Especially if theres a radio...playing stuff like Def Leppard.

    KAK--I once painted my nails to go to a concert, and during the slow song, ended up setting my thumb on fire. (Sad, but true.) I hear the kids these days just set their new-fangled phones to light up and wave those. Much safer.

  5. I, apparently, was lead woefully astray at some point in my youth. I do not own any 80's rock. Hair band or otherwise. The first time I heard Stairway to Heaven was when a kid performed it for the 7th grade talent show. Dance music. No can do disco it's too slow - this was the early, early hip-hop stuff. Bouncy, silly, slightly techno and loads of fun on a dance floor. All of which is appropo of nothing. Except that I find it totally fascinating that dry nail polish burns! You probably didn't find it that interesting.

  6. W00t! I saw DL two years ago...touring with Bryan Adams of all people. LOL (And sadly, as a teen, I was probably a bigger BA fan than I was of DL, but I always loved "Pour Some Sugar on Me." In fact, I loved that whole Hysteria album, come to think of it.

    Think my musical tastes have mellowed out a bit these days. (I am going to go see David Garrett in two weeks, and he does a wicked version of AC/DC's Thunderstruck, so that counts, right?)

    I don't really like to burn things per se, but I *do* like watching candles. :)

  7. Um, Linda? What's a cassette?