Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Before I get into my guilty pleasure, I'm taking over the Booklover's Inc blog today! There's a funny short featuring Johnny, Menessos, & Nana.

Now back to my Guilty Pleasure...

I rarely watch TV independently. If I do, I’m sick, can’t sleep, or both.


Because I am very susceptible to the powers of the magic light box. When it’s on, I stare and the ol’ noggin powers down like C3P0 in Cloud City. (That’s Lando Clarissian’s city in the Bespin system, where “Goldenrod” accidentally found Stormtroopers in hiding and ended up in a droid chop shop.)


Geek-digression aside, my fella Jim records certain shows and we watch them together (rudely fast-forwarding through the time wasting minutes put forth by the kind advertisers who pay for the show). We watch Burn Notice which I like VERY much, but my favorite is: THE MENTALIST! Simon Baker plays Patrick Jane who is not a psychic. This character has no precognitive or ESP “powers,” but he has a specific skill set that he’s adapted throughout his life and which allows him to be a very clever asset to the California Bureau of Investigations. He’s suffered much personal tragedy in the past, and is still working through it. This depth (and the fact that he’s using his consultant status to the CBI to further his personal search for the man known as Red John who killed his wife and daughter) creates an interesting, well-rounded character that I can’t help but like. He’s a suit-wearing wise-ass with a calm confidence that keeps him one step ahead of the team and always closing in on the killer. Moreover, he sets the killer’s up to give themselves away and it cracks me up.

The fact that he’s hot is purely coincidental. (LIE.)

What’s your guilty pleasure? Here’s a sample of mine:


  1. Hmm. Second vote this week for TV watching as a guilty pleasure!

  2. Ooh, I LOVE Burn Notice. It is interesting that TV keeps coming up as a guilty pleasure. Certainly it is one of mine, and we can't have three posts on this topic. I'm mulling which of my other guilty pleasures are confessable in public...

  3. I LOVE Jayne, because he's a hero without being a traditional Alpha hero (Michael on Burn Notice is totally Alpha). Some of the most hilarious moments are when Jayne runs away and leaves little Lisbon to do the physical work.

    Of course, then there's Cho. Stone-faced Cho. Who filmed a gas (I think Shell) commercial where he's actually smiling, and I scream at the TV that Cho would never be chipper, damnit!

  4. I've never seen the Mentalist, but damn, that guy's rather hot! Maybe I should watch an episode.

    As for traditional alpha hero, maybe I'm weird, but I do definitely like a strong, masculine male hero who saves the girl. I'll take it a step further and say I wish more men were strong alpha-types, but they sadly seem to be more rare these days.

  5. Heh. Never really watched the Mentalist either, but I've heard good things about it.

    I actually wish I had more time to watch TV. Wah.