Sunday, January 30, 2011

Easy Peasy

by Jeffe Kennedy

Just barely safe for work there...

Fortunately today is Sunday.

This was a photo that one of the book reviewer gals who read and loved Petals and Thorns sent to me for my birthday. A special little gift she knew I'd like.

And yes, that's my erotic novella. Of all the Word Whores, I'm probably the most out there (so far) on the writing of the sexiness. I'm not the one who suggested the topic of whether it's *ahem* hard or easy to write them.

For me? Easy peasy.

It's kind of ironic to me. I've spent years on the art of essay-writing. I've written short stories and two novels. The erotic novella gets all the attention.

It was easy to write and easy to sell.

The novels I've bled for and slaved over? Still waiting to be loved.

If I sound like I mind, I really don't. It's just funny because I have the idea that the thing I work the hardest on is inherently more valuable. This is not always true. Sometimes the simple idea and the fast write gain more attention. This is the way of the world.

Writing sex is easy for me because it's fun. Both the having of it and the writing. While I'm a circumspect person, I'm quite free-spirited. I remember the quote from Anne Rice's Exit to Eden (which she originally wrote under her Anne Rampling psuedonym), where the main character says that she never thought that anything sexual was bad or ugly, as long as the people involved wanted it.

I know I'm lucky that way. I was raised by an open-minded mother and so I escaped the burdens laid on other people about the dirty and the nasty and the guilty.

I'm for the private and the intimate. But it's all beautiful to me.

Easy, even.


  1. Wonderful post, and certainly a sexy man (more so the face; the emaciated, ribs poking out from every which way never particularly appealed to me, in either sex).

    I work at a sex shop, so I can certainly relate to everything you've written!

  2. There is comfort and a strange sort of validity in the "easy bloodless" story making it into print. It gives you more time to grapple with the soul-sucking stories without going wholly insane.

    ~reaches for Jamesons~

  3. I...hate..his..pants! Don't they realized they are right in the way! *Cranes neck*

  4. This picture certainly got my attention. Awesome entry ;-)

  5. You all make me laugh!

    Thanks, Brad - and yeah, he's skinny. But I'm an Irish girl. I've always gone for the wiry ones.

    You gonna share that Jamesons, KAK?

    Thanks Linda and Branli!

    DF - I might have done a bit of craning, myself...

  6. Damn. Nice photo.

    And everyone...go read Petals and Thorns. It's fabulous!

  7. P&T is definitely an excellent book! :) (with a great title! *cough* LOL)

    On thing I've noticed is that when an author is comfortable with writing sex, it's pretty obvious..and it's just as obvious when they're not.

    I've seen a number of authors (particularly in the standard sci-fi/fantasy genre) who have tried to branch out and "spice it up" a little with later works...and unfortunately it's not always a success. It's like you can almost see them blushing as they write and it's clear they're outside their comfort zone.

    I still give them props for trying, but I think the more you do it (write smut), the less of an "ooh, dirty factor" reaction you get and the more able you are to concentrate on the actual scene.

  8. Yes, yes - Allison totally came up with the title. Much extolment to her!

    I think that's a good point, Allison. Love that observation of practically seeing the writer blushing through the lines.

  9. Jeffe is definitely the queen of the unselfconscious sex scene. Petals and Thorns is awesome, and the picture there is totally hot. Any Jameson's left? I could really use some...

  10. Thanks, Kerry! Jamesons for everyone!

  11. I'll stick to tea. I do not want alcohol blurring my eyesight whilst I ponder that yummy photo. :D