Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Web Presence: KAK Attack

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Where, oh where, can one find me on the interwebs?

This Blog. Every Tuesday.
I participate in this blog to connect with the many writers and readers who pass through here. Also, it allows me to have a regular web presence for those in the industry who care about such things (yes, there are still folks out there who actually care).  How much time I spend here is ... strangely consistent. Regardless of length of finished product, writing the post takes two hours. Even the pithy super-short posts.  Longtime readers of this blog will know I'm not a fast writer. I write the post then delete the whole post. Write it again, then delete half of the post. Write again, and delete a quarter of it. Eventually, I get 'round to my point sans epic tangents. I do read the comments and respond. It doesn't take much time, and I believe in demonstrating my appreciation for the commenter's participation.

My Website & Related Blog 
The website exists for when I have books available, so readers will be able to find said books quickly and conveniently.  It is informative, not interactive. It is mostly evergreen -- aka static information.  At most, there's a week once a year when I try to update it using my very pathetic web skills.

The blog exists for when 140 characters aren't enough for my soapbox. It is purely self-indulgent. Mind you, I post to my blog maybe a dozen times a year, usually when the industries I follow do something noteworthy (or bitch-worthy; either way).  Posting might increase slightly when I have topics relevant to the release of my books. Again, informative, not really interactive. At best, it's like a lecture with Q&A opportunity.

I use FB to stay in touch with folks I've known over the years and assorted careers...in spite of the business's rampant data harvesting, illogical algorithms for display feeds, and offensive ads. I scan FB daily, usually twice a day. I'm one of those users who "likes" a lot of posts--because other people's updates are interesting--but I only comment sporadically. For me, Facebook is the equivalent of digital small talk, which is not this introvert's forte. I do try to be more engaging, some months more than others.

I'm on this service the most; yea though, you might not be able to tell of late.  I frequently check Twitter, but often forget to tag into a conversation I'm following. It's here you're more likely to learn of my TV viewing habits, my obsession with bass-baritones, my penchant for booze, my interest in global economics, my random musical earworms, and the seasonal antics of my niblings.  For whatever reason, I am most comfortable on Twitter as a social media platform. I use Twitter to connect with interesting people on a variety of topics. When it comes to forging new online relationships, this where I'm most likely to do it.

There you go, dear readers, feel free follow or friend!


  1. HUGE twitter fan here :-) It's my "home" (hugs the twitter).

    1. Loves the blue bird, loves it we does!

  2. LOL, I'm opposite you on FB and Twitter. For me, Twitter is like small talk - with hundreds of people chatting at once. And FB is more like 'pull up a chair and talk'. I am following you now on Twitter, but I'm usually quiet - hiding in the corner watching the party rather than participating in it. The Twitter Wallflower. ;o)

    1. I promise to ask you dance now and again on Twitter. :D