Monday, December 12, 2011

Oh! Eek! When your folks read your naughty bits.

FROM: James R. Tuck

Hello, hello, hello. It's me, the new kid on the block. Proud to be the first Man-Word Whore 'round these parts. I promise to try and do the wonderfully talented ladies here justice in their choice of including me.

So my first topic to post about is when your parents read the sex scenes you write.

Well, it hasn't happened yet since the book isn't out until Feb 7. 2012 (BLOOD AND BULLETS from Kensington. End shameless plug.) but it should generate a conversation at least. That is, if my mom makes it to the vampire brothel/strip joint much less to the actual naughty scene.

See, I am a Southern boy. I was born and bred in Georgia. I grew up going to church. (In fact, for a very short window of my life I was a Church of God youth pastor.) My mom still goes to the church that I went to most of my young life, from 13 until my early 20's. She is morally conservative. She was only ever married to my father and to my knowledge has never really even dated anyone but him, not even in the decade plus he was taken by the cancer. She is your typical, Southern, religious, totally awesome mom. And she is proud that her son wrote a book, but I am trying to think of a way to let her know that my book, well, it ain't for her.

I wrote it because I wanted a DARK, violent, thrill ride of a kick ass book. I had hit a streak of reading books in urban fantasy that were supposed to be dark and violent but wound up being really tame IMHO. I set out to push the edge of Urban Fantasy. To not treat it like a nice safe thing. And I think I succeeded, I mean I put some really crazy shit in my book.

So, I guess I'm not so much worried about the racy bits with my mom because I don't think she'll get past the bloody violence and the four-letter words that I used like it was my job. I mean, is a vampire handjob all that shocking after you blow a hole clean through someone's chest?

I still feel I should give my dear mother a heads up though, before she runs out to buy the book. Hmmmmm, maybe I should call her. (I know, when in doubt you should always call your mom and say hello.)

If you have any advice on how to break the news leave it in the comments!

Keep the faith until next time,

James R. Tuck


  1. Welcome to the party, James. I'm glad the gals invited you. =o)

    Sorry I can't help you with breaking the news to your mom. I've never written a sex scene, but a couple torture scenes I've written would probably turn Mom's hair white (if it wasn't white already). In those cases, I just tell her I didn't write the kind of book she'd like to read. And that's good enough for her.

  2. "I mean, is a vampire handjob all that shocking after you blow a hole clean through someone's chest?"

    Ha! Good point!! So much more to worry about than the sex scenes, lol.

  3. Welcome James! I vote for the direct approach. She'll understand. She knows you're a big boy now.

  4. Welcome to the word-whores Tuck! :) i agree w jeffe on breakin the news.

  5. Maybe you should just let her read it. Being happily married to the one guy she ever dated and being morally conservative doesn't have to mean she doesn't like your story. After all: I love reading about vampires and zombies, but really wouldn't want to meet one for real.

    ps: I'd buy your book just for that cool cover alone!

  6. Word Man-Whore?
    Word Gigolo?
    Anyway, I vote you send a copy to each of her friends and let them break the news to her.

  7. NKOTB! "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, hangin' tough."

    Wha? No? Not so much?

    "Mom, you know how some books sorta gloss over the dark and disturbing? Yeah, I don't. I love you, but read at your own risk."

  8. James I am so putting BLOOD AND BULLETS on my preorder list, it sounds right up my alley...if you know what I mean?! And welcome!

  9. Welcome, James! So glad you could join us. Okay. So dark and violent are the real issues. Been there, had that conversation. It went something like, "Mom, Dad, here's the thing...and I won't be offended if you either don't read or don't like it!" The first thing my mother said to me after reading was "Your heroine sure swears alot." Yes. Yes, she did. I made certain she had good reason. So, ultimately, I agree with the direct approach. "Mom, this book is bloody, violent and dark. You may not care for it."