Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Top 5 Vices That Help This Writer

Which of my many vices actually helps me be a better writer? I'll limit the list to my Top 5.

1) Booze: Like Jeffe, I've a warm place in my heart for imbibing...within reason. I'm far from twenty and puking has never been fun. A bit of liquor loosens up my brain when I'm stumped. Sometimes that something, that twist, that unexpected reaction is just beyond my grasp. A nice glass of cream sherry, a bit of port, and I've got twists in spades.

2) Caffeine: There's a reason I don't own a Keurig. I drink a carafe of coffee in the mornings then switch to tea in the afternoons. Words.On.Page.

3) Pop Culture: Like James, I'm a big fan of TV (just about anything with a plot and series arc) and CDs (yes, I still buy my music on CDs). I'll also throw in political implosions, news of the weird, product innovations, and scientific breakthroughs. It's all food for the imagination.

4) Sleep: Might seem like an Uh-Duh, but I'm not one of those people who can function without a lot of good rest. A bitter bitch I am I am without sufficient sleep. When I'm bitter, that shows up in my writing. My writing also becomes incomprehensible, which means any positive word-count that day will be erased once my grey cells are functioning properly.

5) Utter Solitude: I'm too easily distracted and too driven to control my environment to cope with people. I can't move seamlessly in and out of my imaginary world. I'm in deep or I'm out. There is no coffee-shop composition for me. Solitary confinement is my utopia.

Yep, I realize this list of vices makes me seem like an entitled hostile lush. Hey, they're vices, my friends!  

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