Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Fortunate Vices

The topic du jour is 'How My Personal Vice Aids My Writing.'

Vices being defined as wicked or immoral behavior, heh heh heh, yeah. I have a plenty. Let me pull a few out of my magic hat and discuss.


If you've ever been to a convention and attended a panel you probably know that THAT (sitting authors on a dais in front of a crowd of readers and then giving those authors microphones and asking them about their books) is the exact alchemy necessary to transform us into a group of filthy-minded thirteen-year-old class clowns.

A dirty mind is helpful in a myriad of ways because, at its core, a dirty mind is a sexy, creative mind and who doesn't like to read that kind of shit?

especially when it's this funny...


or this accurate...


I embrace the words -- all the words -- without regard to how others my shun them. I love all the words. They are, I guess, my cat replacement as I am allergic to cats. So instead of being a crazy cat lady at heart, I'm a fucking pirate. Admittedly, I try to maximize the other part of my vocabulary in the workplace (the paydays tend to be more consistent when swearing in professional setting is kept to a minimum) but it is sooo hard.

(See what I did there? A called a call back.)

Yes, I especially adore FUCK. It's the hardest-working son-of-a-bitch word there is. Its a noun, a verb, an adjective or adverb. Its the predicate AND the subject. SEE:

Using it when looking back on our childhood is more fun...

And it makes points more succinctly. 


It has a time and a place. At conventions qualifies as both.  It does not really come into play when I am actually writing, but there is more to a writing career than sitting your ass in the chair, and in fact, having drinks with friends at conventions and talking shop is one of the best parts of the self-provided compensation package for all those hours with your ass in the chair...and for doing the hard things (there I go again!) like being brave and sending in your work to editors, to rewriting that damn scene AGAIN, to trying something new, etc. etc.

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