Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Social Media gaffes

On the topic of the worst social media gaffes ever done to me... allow me to assure you that this is a much shorter list than if the subject were the reverse. My goofs are plentiful like weeds.

What comes to mind as what I hesitate to term an offense is the constant misspelling of my character's names. Especially Menessos. I know, I know, you invent a name and that's the least you can expect. Six books in, I've seen his name spelled so many different ways by interviewers, reviewers and fans that while I can't not see it, I barely pay any attention anymore. They read the book--a thousand blessings upon them--so, I can forgive a typo.

Especially since I am a guilty repeat offender of the typo sin, I ain't throwin' no stones.

This second little scene I'll share is not exactly media (though I could split hairs about there being a book involved and the fact that a book is a form of media), but this gaffe occurred in a real-life face-to-face social setting.

Before I was published but after I had a manuscript sold, I stood in line at a convention mass signing to get the autograph of an author whose books I adored, who is still a "big name" in the genre, and who was completely sweet and wonderful. I, of course, had a badge for the convention around my neck, and my name was printed on it. She looked at it before signing, saw that I had written underneath my name that I had sold a manuscript --because I was totally excited, delighted and proud of that. She congratulated me and I told her what I loved about her books. Then she signed her most recent release which I had brought with me.

She signed it "To Nancy."

I watched her write it.

I'm Linda. My badge said Linda. In BIG BOLD LETTERS

One side of my brain was screaming, "But...but...BUT!" The other side was arguing, "Now hush. You can't tell her to correct it. She can't scribble over it and re-write it. She can't magic the ink off of the page." 

I dunno who Nancy was or where she came from...but I can tell you that I would like to sit at a convention and have to sign so many books I can't remember people's names from one minute to the next. And I'd hope folks were gracious enough to say "Thank you," anyway and walk away happy that they had a silly story to tell later like I did.

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  1. LOL, that meme kills me. Menessos isn't that hard to remember, but yeah, I'd probably mess it up, too, if it wasn't right there. Then again, if I'm going to mention a character's name in a review, I go look it up before I type it in - just to make sure. I don't know what to say about the author getting your name totally wrong. If I was the author, I'd be mortified that I did that. You handled it with aplomb which is probably better than I would've handled it. I probably would've blurted 'Who's Nancy??' before I could stop myself. May we never commit that gaffe with our own readers. ;o)