Friday, December 12, 2014

Just for the Fun of It - Five to Follow

Five to Follow

Easiest blog post ever. My recommendation: Figure out what you care about. Follow that. Bonus points if you can learn something. Bonus points if what you follow makes you laugh. Extra-bonus, bonus points if it's both at one time. Here are a few of mine.

@spacedotcom - because space. If you science, NASA has a bunch of Twitter handles, too. Each of the active space craft have active Twitter accounts. There are even a few spoof accounts, like @sarcasticrover - which commonly laments being abandoned to lonely servitude on Mars. @newhorizons2015 is coming up on a drive-by of Pluto. Yes. This is 100% geek fodder. I still follow @philae2014 (RIP) - the lander that @ESA_Rosetta put down on that comet. Nothing warms a dork heart like getting to look at grainy space photos that never make the news orgs. it's for all of us who grew up pretending we were all going to be astronauts.

@bigcatrescue - Lions and tigers and bobcats. Lots more. Photos. Sometimes video. The sanctuary does great outreach work. They give their big cats lots of fun enrichment - entire raw turkeys at Thanksgiving - and video the cats having the time of their lives. Some times, you just need to watch a tiger bounding around with a turkey carcass dangling from her mouth. I can justify this as a writing site by saying did you know tigers chuff in greeting? Do you know what that sounds like? These guys have a video of that. C'mon. Surely you need to know that. For something. Somewhere.

Local news orgs - No handles cause I recommend following your own local news orgs - this is for local alerts and emergency notification. As I type, we have a major weather event inbound. Local news stations get everything out on Twitter before they manage to get it on radio or TV. Finally. Most of our weather people live Tweet major weather events, tracking them as the systems march into the city. Very useful for knowing when to double down on the lines tying us to the dock.

@writeremergency (this was from a kickstarter - dunno how this is going to pan out yet, but the concept is awesome) - These guys developed a sort of tarot pack for writers - it's a deck of cards specifically designed to break up writer blocks, jump-start ideas and generally prod you into action on your writing. I funded these guys because the whole thing sounded like fun. I should get a deck from them. Review forthcoming.

@conspiracystuff - This is one of those accounts that both gives me info I wouldn't otherwise have and which makes me laugh. Matt and Ben are conspiracy theory nuts, however, they are also really good at research (or have people who are) so when they dive into covering a conspiracy theory, they really go for all sides of the story. They delve into history. And some of the things they cover are just plain weird. I love these guys because the story ideas they hand me are legion.

Just for fun:
@ghouliachilds - because horror themed food, photos and recipes. I should have grown up in the Addams Family because horror and food are, in my opinion, the perfect match. Besides. Food is often pretty much about all the horror.

@thegoodgodabove - Love this account. The Good God Above is also Facebook God. Comedy. Irreverence. Making a positive difference. And occasionally baiting the haters. What's not to like?

And you know, if you want cat photos and the occasional snarky comment, you're more than welcome to follow me. @marcellaburnard 

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