Tuesday, December 30, 2014

3 Ways & My Writing

Three ways. Well, that's a fun topic for a bordello!  What? No? Keep reading? ...  Oooh.  

Three Ways My Writing Will Change in 2015

Well, that's nowhere near as much fun for you, dear readers, but for me? Might be, or it could be a big flaming disaster that leaves me curled in the fetal position around a case of whiskey.  'Course, if I push myself enough, success could still bring that case of whiskey...and a straw.

 1.   Dragons
Yep. I'm going to go there. I'm going to write a dragon trilogy. Oh, no, no. Not all three books in the same year (remember, slooooow writer here).  But that first one? Oh yeah, totally going to happen. Whether or not it actually gets published next year is a different story.

2. Sequels
That self-pubbed fantasy I keep talking about releasing in Q1 next year? It's the first of four in that series. I really hope I like my protag and her Scooby-gang, 'cause we're going to be together for a while. Oh, and the thing about Indie Authoring? Readers have an expectation of multiple releases happening in a year. If I can release three, I'll be giddy. My editors might run away screaming.

3. Monsters
Book 2 in that self-pubbed series involves monsters. Not people behaving abhorrently or vampires, I mean Monsters, with a capital "M." I haven't attempted a Afanc-meets-Cthulu before. We'll see if I can pull it off.

Cheers to a merry and prosperous new year!

Image Credits:
"Necrotic Dragon" by Carlos Herrera: http://chaos-draco.deviantart.com/art/Necrotic-Dragon-448164590
"Cthulhu Rising" by Stjepan Sejic: http://nebezial.deviantart.com/art/cthulhu-rising-142153261


  1. It all sounds good to ME! (Um, I think you meant 2015 though? Or are you taking that year off LOL?) Happy New Year and bring on the dragons :-)

    1. Doh! You caught me ... and my xtreme forward thinking ;) That is why editors are great people to know, eh? Updated to be the correct year. Thanks for the catch (and the dragon love!)

  2. Replies
    1. Two big scaly thumbs!

      Happy New Year!