Monday, February 3, 2014

It's in the Blood


Blood has so many meanings, doesn’t it? It’s one of those words that has been taken to extremes by the English language.

There are, as Jeffe pointed out, mystical and mythical connotations.

It’s also, as a horror writer, one of my favorite setting pieces.

Blood spatter is a powerful image in and of itself.

But I will point out one thing here, because I’ve never quite understood the Hollywood need for this. In almost every vampire movie ever done (there are a few lovely exceptions) a vampire decides to feed and the blood goes EVERYWHERE. Fountains of blood erupt from the neck of the victim, and the vampire is soaked, I mean facially BATHED in a fountain of crimson.

First, it’s not that great a visual effect after the first hundred times. Second, why are vampires such damned messy eaters? This is their life substance and in a lot of movies vampires are only a little better than animals, okay, I get that, but even in the Dracula movies when old Drac is getting all kinds of kinky and sexy with the ladies, half the blood is spilling over the Count’s freaking eyebrows.  

I love a good plate of nachos, but I don’t plant my face in that stuff and shake it around. I use my fingers, a fork and knife, maybe even a few other chips to pick things up. And I surely don’t go that crazy if I’m wearing a tux. Those things are murder to have cleaned. So this is my plea to all Hollywood types…have a little mercy. Remember decorum. Some vampires prefer to act civilized and maybe not wallow in their latest meal. I mean, seriously, I've never attacked a Big Mac with that level of enthusiasm.

Blood as a visual is a wonderful thing. But it’s like any other prop, it should be used to highlight, not to paint.

Okay, that’s the end of my rant.

I finished the first draft of the sequel to Seven Forges, The Blasted Lands. There are a few bloody scenes in there, too, now that I think about it.

James A. Moore


  1. This made me think of the scene in the Blade movie where the vampires are at a rave, dancing, and at a certain point the water sprinklers come on, but its not spraying water. :)

    And the opening to FF Coppola's Dracula, where, heartbroken over his dead wife, Vlad makes his angry vow and stabs the cross, only to have a flood of blood rush forth to seal his curse. /The blood is the life./

    To the first example, I guess as humans, we don't faceplant into our food. But wolves and carrion eating birds do stick their heads inside the carcasses often as they eat, coming out bloody. I suppose the image is to convey the animalistic side of the vampire. I can see getting a lil on the cheeks and chin, if from a donor bleeding heavily, but I'm with you--over the eyebrows...sheesh.

  2. I'm just saying I know a few sloppy eaters and by all means now and again, but if the vampire is being all civilized and dressing in nice finery, a little consideration for the designer labels might be a necessity.