Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Celebrate Miles? Psht. Celebrate Feet!

Darling readers, I am an unrepentant celebrator. Small successes. Big accomplishments. Cue Kool & The Gang. Break out the bubbly.

Be Fucking Proud.

Finish a chapter? Go all Tom Cruise on the couch.

Finish a difficult chapter? Alert wildlife via Porch Pronouncement and pound chest.

Finish a story arc? Acquire fun shoes.

Finish a draft?  Paint something. The book has to rest anyway.

Finish the book? Sell the book? Publish the book? Read first positive review? Read first shit review?

Celebrate it all. Every little moment.

Life is a series of little moments. Appreciate them. Enjoy them. Celebrate them.

Dear reader, are a you one to celebrate the small things? How small is small for you? How do you celebrate?


  1. Achievements, gotta love em. And everyone has them, though most don't choose to recognize them. And that is sad. I like to bake something special. A cake or fancy pie. Of course there is always the Celebratory shopping trip...guaranteed to make that smile grow.

    1. Pie? ~perks up~ PIE!!

      Now PIE makes it a party!