Tuesday, October 1, 2013

You're So Vain

You probably think this scene is about you. The chapter? The whole book? Dude, that character is totally not you. No really.  It's not.

I don't write about people I know.  
Consciously, at least.

Yes, you may take that to mean,  "I don't write about people I consciously know," "I don't consciously write about people I know," or even "I don't consciously write."  Those of you who follow my boozey tweets might be choosing the latter.

My characters are constructed based on who I need them to be to the protagonist. Their motivations are derived from that intentionally constructed relationship. Their actions and reactions are meant to expose something about the protagonist and the plot.  I don't (and won't) view my Real World relationships under that filter; therefore, I can't craft characters from Real World individuals. Not from family. Not from friends. Not from random dude at the traffic light.

How my characters look, what sort of unique trait or tic they have, the rhythm of their speech, the way the express themselves ... it's all cobbled together from the roiling chunky stew of my imagination. 

So, if you ever read one of my books and think I'm writing about you... it's okay. Feel free to think it. It is your undeniable right as a reader.  Just forgive me for having that vacant stare when you mention it to me.


  1. Can I just cut and paste your brilliant post into my Saturday slot LOL? We're on the same wavelength pretty much!

    1. I would die laughing if you posted "Ditto" with a link back.

      Three cheers for the "Nope. Not Talkin' 'Bout You" club!