Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Saving Certain Genres From ... Me

Genres are, for the most part, a marketing construct rooted in readers' expectations.  As long as you write an awesome story that acknowledges the minimum expectations of the readers, then jump, jive, and wail, baby!

That minimum expectation is why I will never write ...


I'm sorry. I know many of you dear darling readers are gutted by the revelation. Yes, yes, I've noticed the goodly number who look to me as a pillar of joy, hope, indeed even faith.

 ~waits for the tissues to be passed~

Yeah, I couldn't keep a straight face writing that bit.

A genre I could maybe write but only if I could swim in the advance? Anything involving the words "Sweet" or "Cozy."  Well, unless the genre is dedicated to sweet boozy drinks while curled up a cozy fire; then I'm totally your gal. Don't get me wrong, I have mad respect for the authors who excel in those genres. I just happen to get carried away with death and dismemberment.

In truth, I'm game to give most genres a try. What's the worst that could happen? Negative reviews? Rotten tomatoes at a Con? I will never, ever be hailed as the second coming of Asimov in Sci-Fi, but I wouldn't let my dunderheadedness in Applied Sciences stop me from giving it a whirl.

While Fantasy will always be the genre of my heart, I've children's books, historical romances, and even the crap-draft of an erotica thriller in the boxes under my bed.

So, to echo what Jeffe & James have said: Genres Be Damned; Just Write the Best Story You Can.  When it comes time to put on your marketing hat, remember this is a nation who made bottled water a multi-billion dollar industry. 

Lovely readers, is there a genre you would never read? For those of you who are writers, is there a genre you would never write?


  1. I won't say there's a genre I'd never read Well... maybe clown erotica, I don't think I would read that if it exists...), but I will confess that there are genres that just don't speak to me as loud as some others do.

    1. Clown erotica ... yeah, I have to agree with you there. There are some places a squeaker nose should never go.