Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Selling a Series: Preparing for the Ask

What, oh what, could I -- the un-pub -- possibly know about selling a series?

uhm... bupkiss

What do I imagine selling a series would require? 


Most of the stories I write are intended to be part of a series. It's not unusual for the original concept to actually be a book 2 or the final book. Long before I draft any manuscript in the series, I've a blurb in mind for what happens in the other books in the series.

Yes, yes, I am one of those writers who believes a series should have
 a definite end and constantly work towards that end.

The blurbs aren't that long -- no more than 250 words, a one-sheet, if you will. They include a summary statement for each of the following: the Setting, the Primary Cast, the Goal, the Motivation, the External Conflict, the Internal Conflict, and the Resolution.  I write those to aid me with seeding and maintaining the cart-horse-carrot order of events while I write the series.

I imagine other people on Team Buy KAK's Books would like those one-sheets to ... you know ... pre-sell the series to people who might want to pay for said series.

Imagination. It's a wonderful thing. 

However, to sort fact from fiction, ~snort~ I defer to the rest of my fellow Word Whores who have actually sold series. I'm as interested in the actual deliverable as you, my darling readers.


  1. Soon KAK, you will have plenty to say about selling a series. :)