Saturday, January 26, 2013

Should writers take sick days? *Carolyn ponders*

I just have to laugh about the topic this week – should you take sick days? Yes, you should! It seems like a great idea. Not that I would know. 

It’s sad that I’m even writing this post, like I’m some expert on it. I’m a poster child of imbalance. I should take sick days and vacation days, and I don’t!!!

My day job will knock me out of writing a good number of days, with businessy deadlines and all, but never physical illness. Now I feel all jinxy saying that. I don’t want to give my body subconscious cues to get sick, like it deserves a day off from writing or something! 

When he wants to get my attention, my cat starts biting the corner of my laptop. My husband complains that I stare at a glowing rectangle all day. I lead a totally unbalanced life, apparently. However, I once read an article where J.R. Ward says she does, too, and that made me feel better, even though she has quite a bit better sales to show for it. lol. Oh well! 

I actually have fond memories of being sick, because I just sit and bed and read all day, but I haven’t been that sick in many years. So, I count myself really lucky. 

Actually, when I vacation elsewhere I tend not to write or do dayjob work, or at least not a ton. I remember one time I was in Mexico and I was like, what is this strange and good feeling in my head? I felt really light and free and it was the oddest feeling. And then I realized it was because I was deeply relaxed.

Okay, I think I am going to take the rest of the night off and relax with a good book before I can type any more and sound even more pathetic. If you want advice on whether a writer should take sick days, read the posts of my comrades below. Except maybe James, the other no-sick-days Word Whore. *waves at James*

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