Tuesday, November 6, 2012

VOTE ... Then Read About BaZombie Series

All US Citizens Age 18 and Older:

I cannot stress enough the importance of voting. Whatever your political stance, whatever your important issues -- GO VOTE. The Electoral College may decide who is president, but they don't decide your congressman and they don't decide your local ballot issues.

Okay, now that you're rockin' that swanky "I Voted" sticker, we can discuss:

BaZombie Series

Those of you who follow me on Twitter (@kakrantz) or on Facebook (also kakrantz, go figure) know my delicious solitude was shattered this past week by the invasion of the #weeniece. For whatever neuron-misfiring reason, the #weeniece insists on adding "Ba" in front of the word "Zombies." She's done it for the past three years. It's destined to become one of those words. You know, the kind of word you know you know but whenever you try to speak it your tongue forms some bastardization of it? Naturally, I find this inordinately entertaining.

Twice so since this week is all about Signs a Series Needs to End

Thank gods blogging for the Word Whores isn't a competitive sport, 'cause I'd have to concede defeat to Jeffe's humorous Sunday Top 10 List.

In my infinite pre-published wisdom, ~cough, hack, wheeze~ I have to say James nailed the key to continuing a successful series in yesterday's post:
"It will be natural for me to write it [Book 4] because he [Deacon] is in the midst of his character arc. I know where his arc is going and what I am going to do to get him there."

I'm really looking forward to Linda's post tomorrow, since Book SIX in her Persephone Alcmedi series hits shelves in January. I'm dying to know if there's a planned end to the series or if 'Seph is on a continual journey. Will she outlive Harry Dresden and Stephanie Plum? Can 'Seph make it to Book 21 before Johnny turns her into Kibbles & Bits? Could Linda stand to be on speaking terms with 'Seph for decades upon decades? Inquiring minds want to know: what is the strategy to a successful open-ened series? Gimme a clue, pleeeeease.

My Virgo-Brain can't cope without a PLAN for everything.

Yes, yes, darling readers, I am the sort of OCD Completest who James mentioned. I know exactly where my stories are going before I start Chapter One: Book One and how many books it'll take to reach "The End End." That said, I haven't had a publisher wave a big ol' check in front of my nose and say "if you write more, we'll pay you more...lots more." I admit, I have my price. I know it down to the last penny, blade, and stone. Could I still work with a character I've come to hate? For the right price? Sure. I'd probably have to drink more, but hey, those fancy checks could buy a new liver. Would I still write those gabillion other stories rattling around in my head? Erm, I'd probably have to thin them back to a few dozen. For now, I'd best contain my visions of an unending future to one book that will sell.

BUT ...

You know which series lived too long? Stop, I'm not going to snark on other novelists. I am going to point fingers at TV shows/franchises that just wouldn't die (sorry, script-writers).

Top 10 BaZombie Series:
  1. Every daytime Soap Opera ever
  2. Power Rangers
  3. Survivor
  4. Bones
  5. WWE anything
  6. ER
  7. Law & Order
  8. Psych
  9. Smallville
  10. Star Trek: The Infinite Spin-Off
I know, I know, the last one probably forces me to turn in my SciFi fangirl card, but really ... 

Does a BaZombie TV series leap to your mind, dear reader?  Do share!


  1. Yay - I won the Internet on Sunday!!!!

    and excellent post otherwise, too. :D