Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I'm Grateful For...


First, lemme tell you that my band (The Hags) is playing tonight!!!

If you are anywhere near Mansfield, Ohio, head out to the VFW on Grace Street about 8 pm. We're going on about 8:30. There are two other bands to follow us, AND it's my drummer's birthday so this is going to be a PARTY!

Now, for the on-topic bit of this post. :-)

Writing novels and being published is truly my dream come true and in the spirit of Thanksgiving, specifically in the area of my writing career, I am most grateful for...

1.) having a book series with six books (SHATTERED CIRCLE will be released January 29th)

2.) having two projects currently in the works, both of which I feel VERY good about 

3.) having a kick-ass agent who not only represents me, but offers constructive feedback to make my stories as strong as possible

So, with a series under my belt, new stuff, and great representation...what more could a girl want?

I hope you spend the holiday with those you care about most, laughing and enjoying a blessed Thanksgiving.

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