Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Where in the world...

by Linda Robertson

If I could live ANYWHERE...where and why?

Rivendell. Definitely Rivendell. Beautiful architechture, quality construction, nature and landscaping at it's finest, waterfalls... sigh.

If not Rivendell...then it has to be Lothlorien.

What it lacks in waterfalls, it makes up for in neighborhood choirs with soothing melodies that make Kitaro look like a neophyte. Imagine the lullabyes.

Okay, okay. I'm totally cheating as these places aren't real. BUt I really dunno where I'd live if could live ANYWHERE. So...after a little searching, I've found a place that could be ideal.

This is The Templar Castle in Perugia, Italy. It happens to be for sale...though the price isn't posted. *wink wink*

Built in 1216 by the templar knight Alberici Ghislaro, this thing is a gorgeous stone mason's masterpiece. The pictures give my eyes the warm fuzzies, y'know?

It's not about the size. (ahem) It's about the fortification.
(I very nearly omitted the TIF there in exchange for an N. HA!) Okay, being located in the calf-region of the boot that is Italy certainly doesn't hurt. Good weather. Approximately 65 miles (give or take) from Florence, research and inspiration would abound.

The stonework, again...just wow. Walls, floors. Did I mention the ARCHES??


My son, the Arteest, has a theory, that since the castle was built in 1216, it MUST be haunted. I say the history of the place would fascinate me and keep me inspired for years.


  1. Oh, I'm coming for a visit...assuming you show me how to actually get to Rivendell and Lothlorein.

  2. So into all of your picks!!! Especially Rivendell.

  3. Excellent choices, all around. Templar Castle Writing Retreat, anyone?