Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Population: Me

by KAK

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you take?

Groceries, boat key, bairy heasts. 

Wouldn't need more than that, because it'd be my deserted island. The manor is already there, fully furnished. The dogs and I are the lone residents. There is no frolicking in the nude on the beach. I do not enjoy frostbite.

Nay, nay. No, no. No Caribbean Isle for me. 

I want rain. Churning seas. A good nip in the air. The songs of whales and the funk of seals occasionally waddling up on shore is all the distraction I need. The noise of over-population just doesn't happen on my island. I can scream like a maniac and turn the amps up to eleven.

Fortunately, there is a string of islands in Nova Scotia, Loye Island, to be precise. It's 50 acres of woodland solitude just begging for a new owner.

No, really. It's for sale right now. Less than $1,000,000 USD. What a bargain, eh? Eh?


  1. Sign me up for some funky seals!

  2. "Funky Seals" is totally the name of my next band.

    Jeffe, that's what water dragons are for!

  3. Lovely. Are the Bairy Heasts included?

  4. I would totally live on an island if I could. The husband keeps looking online for affordable islands. Of course, there aren't any, so maybe someday when we win the lottery. ;o)

  5. Carolyn, we have to import the bairy heasts, unless, of course, the selkies make the trek.

    B.E. It's a bargain at $890k for 50 acres. ~cough~ ~wheeze~