Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Drinks...and something about colleagues

by KAK 

I'm not sure how this week's topic of "Drinks" became about work, or is it colleagues?  I'll chat about drinking with colleagues. It's funny how the type of booze consumed at business functions tells a lot about the people behind the business.

Note: I said consumed not served.

It's an important distinction. Once you move past "Mom & Pop" sized businesses, what is served is decided by the event planner. Really big businesses have corporate regulations on what sort of libations are acceptable. Oh, and let's not forget the rules and astronomical mark-ups on the booze courtesy of the place in which the event is being held.  I've been an event planner. I have sobbed as I have read the pitiful "Top Shelf Options" in venue contracts.

Now, any self-respecting booze-hound will bypass the house white wine and make his way to the bar -- the real bar. Not the five liquor cash-bar. If there isn't a real bar in the venue, BYOB happens back at the hotel. As an event planner, you know you've screwed up when only a quarter of the attendees remains after two hours.

Beer and hard liquor: Once upon a time, I used to work in the regional sales office for a big-time oil company. This office oversaw the corporate-owned and franchise gas stations. Once a year, all of the station owners would get together and ... whooooeee. There were no raised pinkies, umbrella drinks, or Veuve Clicquot. It was all whiskey, beer, and back-slaps.

Local Beer & Local Wine: Local Chamber of Commerce Meeting or Dot.com Start-Up?  Yes, yes to both. You won't find Chateauneuf du Pape at a "Start Local, Go Global" meeting. What you will find are the best and possibly most obscure libations your neighborhood has to offer. You won't have to wait for the "annual drink fest" either, this stuff is consumed at every "offsite" luncheon, birthday bash, and "1,000 Customer" mark.

What about your business, dear reader? What is your preferred work-drink?

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  1. I was going to say I've never had any work parties where drinks were involved, then I remembered going down to KY for inventory and yeah, we went out for dinner after and had some drinks (the company would only pay for the first one, though). Maybe one or two would get snockered, but most of us laid off the hard stuff because we had to be back at it early the next day (accounting people aren't too bright, are they?).

    So, I guess my preferred work drink would be the margarita, although I remember this one yummy chocolate martini...