Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh, the places I've been...

by Laura Bickle

I've gotten the chance to go some fun places. Washington, D.C. New York. St. Lucia. Chicago. Portland. The Dakotas. San Francisco. I am, however, very bad at organizing photos and transferring them from one computer to another. This is what I've got handy, without going full-scale Indiana Jones excavation on old hard drives...

Lakeside, Ohio. My mom and I usually go once a year before tourist season starts. It's quiet and peaceful. Always restful:

The Ohio Renaissance Festival. A must-do every year:

Hocking Hills, Ohio. My husband and I got married here, and we go back a couple of times a year:

Looking forward to visiting old favorites and new places this year!


  1. Lovely pics, one and all. You and hubs look very happy together - that may be my favorite picture of all. : )

  2. Color me chagrined - I had no idea Ohio has such lovely places. ~Adding Hocking Hills and Lakeside to the list~

  3. Beautiful pictures!
    This week looks like it will be temptation stacked on more temptation!
    I will have to count my savings to see how much longer I'll have to save up before I can travel the world ;-)

  4. Thanks, Kerry! We always have a great time at Ren Fest. Looking forward to it again this year!

    Jeffe, southern Ohio is all green and hills and caves and river and little grottoes in valleys. The lake up north is very pretty, especially in the springtime. The flat parts in central and northern Ohio are less interesting, I think.

    Thanks, Sullivan! We would love to have you and give you the nickel tour. :-)

  5. Ah, very lovely. I'm all about the caves and grottoes. That is a fab photo of you and hubs.

  6. Thanks! The lovely thing about them is that they stay very cool in summer...excellent hiking!

  7. OH RennFen opens Saturday!

    This could be the year I actually go instead of, ya know, just saying I will. ~cough~

  8. Yes, go! There's cheesecake on a stick. :-)