Sunday, April 3, 2011

Welcome to RT Week

by Jeffe Kennedy
This week on Word Whores will be a bit different.

Three of us - Allison Pang, Marcella Burnard and I - are headed to the Romantic Times BookLovers Convention in Los Angeles. Our sister whores colluded and decided that this week on the blog should be all dispatches from convention. Or wild speculations on what we're doing at convention have been threatened.

So, here I am, leading off the week with: Packing!

I've determined that I'll need a minimum of nine outfit changes, not including things like bikini for pool time, workout clothes (reference: bikini) and something to sleep in so Marcella won't be scarred for life. I know nine outfits for five days sounds like a little much, but there are three costume balls: Bollywood, Faerie Ball and Vampire Ball. Then there are various "appearances" like book signings and Club RT, which is kind of hanging out and yakking with readers. I also have a pitch session and two author parties.

I'm particularly excited to be invited to the Carina Press Author Cocktail Party. They put a picture of a blue martini on the invite, so I feel sure they were thinking of me, in particular. Several people have asked what I'm wearing to that and I have not decided. I will today. And will post pics, later this week.

As will Marcella and Allison.

So watch this space for all the gossip from RT.

Word Whores go to Los Angeles!


  1. Wow. Dresses. You're packing dresses. And more than two colors.

  2. I've got my Sullivan pin on my name badge, so you're going, too!

    Am I going to have to take you shopping, Marcella?

  3. Marcella - I know! That's what I was thinking. I no longer own a dress. Nowhere to wear it. Which, I guess, makes it a good thing I'm not going to RT. I'm glad Sullivan gets a free trip. : )

  4. Yay for Sullivan on the free trip!

    Hope you all have a fabulous time!

  5. Thanks gals! I know you'll be thinking good thoughts for us!

  6. Yay for RT & scandalous updates.

    Just one question -- why are the wings missing from your picture?

  7. Such a sharp reader, KAK - because they shed feathers like crazy and I didn't want to get them back OUT of their protective bag. And have to clean up feathers for a second time.

  8. I'm looking forward to being at RT vicariously through you awesome word-whores. Don't forget your cameras...we want pictures of all the fun...and the pool boys. ;-D

  9. Shall we pick out a Mr. Romance, just for you, Linda?

  10. Oh, have fun! I'm looking forward to hearing all about it. And have a blue martini for me, okay? You know, I STILL haven't tasted one...

  11. Linda - we are going to have to TAKE STEPS here!

  12. Heh. You are a neater packer than I am, Jeffe - but I suspect you know that already.

    I've got the suitcases out and stuff in piles, but I haven't actually put anything *in* the cases yet. I suspect I've got some laundry to do tonight anyway....

    (Assuming SouthWest doesn't cancel my flight tomorrow...)

  13. But did you find the other striped stocking, Allison? That's the key question. And better a canceled flight than a crashed one!

    Thanks Lynn!

  14. @Jeffe - I *DID* find my stocking! (or mr myn did, yay)

    And yes, I'll take cancelled over crashed, any day....