Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Barkeep! One CP, Shaken Not Stirred.

Credit: Bo's Cafe Life
CPs for when you can't see through the peas? Trees? Whees?

Yes. Yes, I have a Critique Partner (CP). No, I don't do Critique Groups. Naturally, my CP is awesome not just because she puts up with my Casts of Thousands or my Italics Police. We exchange completed work(s), not chapter-by-chapter WiPs. We've been each other's CPs for long enough that we know what's a voice/style choice and what's an opportunity for improvement. We've right-sized our Big Girl Panties. Neither of us gets overly offended by suggestions received or the suggestions ignored. Now, that's not to say an "aw, fuck you," isn't muttered now and again, nor that a bottle of wine is no longer necessary when reading the first round of comments. We're honest, but not cruel.

Yes, I also pay editors -- developmental, copy, and proof.  Yes, everybody has a different function. Yes, plenty of people in self-publishing forgo a dev editor in place of a really good CP. Is it a good decision? That's unique to the book and the people involved. YMMV.

Yes, I've previously blogged about the glories and the wonders of getting yourself a good CP:

Here   and   Here

I fully accept that my mad genius often comes across as fool's madness before my CP gets ahold of the story. On the other side of the CP coin, being able to critique someone else's work helps me be a better writer.

Win. Win.

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