Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Creativity Boost

If you are into Affirmations and/or Candle Magic, here are a few ideas to try...ones that my heroine Persephone Alcmedi would surely be into...

**Use common sense and follow basic fire safety.**

I am open to new ideas and
am blessed with many.

I recognize validity in new ideas.
I can develop new ideas into product.

Dress and light a pale blue candle, and place it where you can sit comfortably before it. Hold a geode in your non-dominant hand, close your eyes and relax. Call for ideas for your project, name it specifically (for my book, for my painting, for my lyrics). Make it a chant if you can rhyme it. Since three is a creative number, repeat your chant in cycles of three. Imagine ideas flowing like water, filling the geode ‘cup’ in your hand. Either have the ideas filter through the geode and into you, or ‘drink’ the ideas from the ‘cup.’
Ways to increase this:
• make it a nine-time chant

• use three blue candles in a triangular formation—keep the tip pointing at you and imagine the ideas funneling through the other two and being directed toward you by the foremost one

• do this on a Thursday and call on Jupiter in your rhyming chant, such as:
“Mighty Jupiter in the sky,
send ideas from on high,
fill my creative cup
and never let it run dry!”


My daydreams feed my work,
and my work feeds my daydreams.

My (art/writing/music) displays dexterity
and is imbued with inventiveness.

I am clever. I am imaginative. I am creative.

Dress and light a green candle under a waxing moon, especially if the planet Venus is in a position to be a positive influence.
Ways to increase this:
invoke Benzaiten, Japanese goddess of all that flows and ask her guide your imagination.
add green tourmalines.
Invoke Dionysus—I’m not suggesting you alter your mind with alcohol—but as a means to grasp the inventiveness of spontaneity.

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  1. ~stations the candles~
    ~opens the wine~
    "Oh, Dionysus..."