Sunday, February 28, 2016

Now and then take a break.

Yes, I am the very first person to scream and rant about sticking to a schedule.

Yes, I absolutely mean it.

Yes, there are exceptions.

Listen when I'm burnt out, I'm properly incinerated.  I work two jobs and I consider them both JOBS. When I'm doing the barista thing, it's my focus. When I'm writing, it's my focus. When I'm tired and I can;t focus anymore, I need a break.

It doesn't happen too often, but it DOES happen. And believe me, i'm aware that I'm not the only writer with dual sources of income. I'm not bothered by that. it's the life I chose. I also know that now and then you need a chance to shut down and recharge, just like a computer needs to rest.

So now and then I escape. Sometimes it's a movie marathon or a binge watch of a new show. Sometimes I grab a couple of waters and go for a long, meandering walk. Authorities I drive for a few hours in a random direction and listen to music.

the thing is to break routine and let your mind have a rest. That's what works best for me.

After a day or so of goofing around, it's back to work.

One of my walking areas. The sight, I might add, of a story that came to mind on one of my walks.


  1. Aha! Finally, even Iron Man Writer says breaks can be good. :-)