Saturday, February 13, 2016

No Revelations About Tools or Tricks To Be Found Here

I’m a pretty straight forward writer of books and don’t use much in the way of fancy applications.  A long time ago I did switch to writing on the computer as my handwriting got worse and worse (not that it was ever too pretty).

Eons ago, long before I became published, I first used Wordstar, with dot commands and other arcane such tricks, but I happily switched to WORD when it came along. I still faithfully pound the keys in WORD nowadays.

Tweetdeck keeps me up to date with my amazing twitter Followers and the intriguing people that I Follow. There’s no way to manage the always-cascading timeline I have in twitter itself. I’m hoping their new revision of the timeline won’t mess me up too much. I have Tweetbot on my cell phone.

Canva is my choice for creating promo graphics…I’m not too good at coming up with snappy ones
like many other authors do, but I try. I putter. I have fun. It's a tool that isn't too complex for my nontech mind. (Can you believe I was on the implementation team that installed Oracle at JPL in the late '90's? Me either LOL! I was more of a change management person than a programmer though.) Incidentally, I'm sharing a few of my Canva efforts on this post for your delectation...

ccCleaner keeps my cache and other mysterious, hidden computer archives from clogging up the works too much.

Carbonite backs up my laptop stuff daily. It slowed down my email too much for me to run it constantly. I'm highly impatient. Those few seconds of lag drive me CRAZY.

Norton sniffs out viruses and other insidous attacks for me…

Some of the other creative people with whom I collaborate use Google docs, so I’ve learned how to do that…I schedule meetings, Facebook parties and dentist appointments in Calendar…I do blog posts in Wordpress and Blogger….my audiobook narrator put up samples of the audio books in Soundcloud…

I use a noisy kitchen timer to tell me when to stop typing, and get up and walk or be busy on my feet for 10 minutes before resuming the keyboard workout…

And of course THE most essential component of my life as an author are The Cats, who tell me when I need to pay attention to THEM. Enough said!

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