Wednesday, January 13, 2016

When to Give Up on a Story

The short answer: 
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The long answer:

I don't believe there are stories that can't be told. Therefore, no project is beyond repair. They are just words and MISTAKES CAN BE FIXED.

That said, it may be a story that you or I aren't yet ready to tell as it should be told. It may, like good whiskey, need some time alone in a dark place to ferment while you trudge onward, honing your skills on other projects.

I have several trunk manuscripts either whole or in pieces. Eventually, the blunders will be figured out, fixed, and these stories will find a home. I truly believe that. Why?

1.) Because I am committed to learning my craft and re-writes don't scare me. Putting forth a weak effort that lacks character, voice, action and conflict does.

2.) Because I am willing to admit mistakes I made. Revisiting old published works and seeing the flaws *facepalm* have some embarrassment in them, yet the kernel of gold is in understanding how far I have come and the knowledge that I am better than I was before.

3.) Because I am UNwilling to let those characters lie dormant or let those tales go untold. People are constantly evolving--or should be, because stagnation is boring. Characters can evolve from their flat first incarnations. They can become deeper, more interesting and challenging. Plots can be twisted and changed to add new excitement.

Found it HERE

Writing your book is a personal test.

But here's the secret key you should not lose sight of: there is no end of the semester unless you GIVE UP. As you grow, you can take those old 'tests' out and peruse them again as you like. If you recognize the flaws and correct them, then you've passed THAT test.

The next step is to go and create another test for yourself.

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